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What World Bank consultant would risk his fee and return business on advising Egypt to specialise in the export of toilets to Italy? But Egypt’s largest single manufacturing export is toilets to Italy where it captured 93% of the market. Kenya has a booming export business in cut flowers for men to buy for their …

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Sir Humphrey Appleby: Then we follow the four-stage strategy. Bernard Woolley: What’s that? Sir Richard Wharton: Standard Foreign Office response in a time of crisis. Sir Richard Wharton: In stage one we say nothing is going to happen. Sir Humphrey Appleby: Stage two, we say something may be about to happen, but we should do …

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Originally posted on Historinhas:
Someone linked to this 2009 VoxEu piece by Lee Ohanian on Herbert Hoover and the start of the Great Depression: What started the Great Depression? This column says that the industrial decline began before monetary contraction or banking panics – the conventional culprits – took hold. It attributes the massive drop…

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A surprising number of well-meaning people want to protect consumers from the scourge of lower prices. These abominations come from imports, new entry or cost reductions. Richard Epstein talked about how progressives think they can tell the difference between a good monopoly and a bad monopoly. There is one instance in which monopoly could arise …

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Ban fizzy drinks from schools Ban fuel inefficient vehicles Ban all gaming machines in pubs Ban the GCSB Ban violent TV programmes until after 10 pm Ban feeding of antibiotics to animals that are not sick Ban companies that do not comply with a Code of Corporate Responsibility Ban ACC from investing in enterprises that …

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A Government could print a good edition of Shakespeare’s works, but it could not get them written… I am not urging that municipalities should avoid all such undertakings without exception. For, indeed, when a large use of rights of way, especially in public streets, is necessary, it is doubtless generally best to retain the ownership, …

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For much of the 19th century U.S. newspapers were public relations tools funded by politicians. Information hostile to a paper’s political views were ignored or dismissed as sophistry. Newspaper independence was rare. Fraud and corruption in 19th century America approached today’s more corrupt developing nations. The newspaper industry underwent fundamental changes between 1870 and 1920 …

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