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Germany, Denmark, Italy, Austria, Finland, Sweden, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland do not have a statutory minimum wage. Capitalist hell-holes all. A common feature of this group of countries is the high coverage rate of union agreed minimum wages, generally laid down in sectoral agreements by employers associations with unions. The percentage of employees covered by …

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Sam Peltzman likes to point out the road fatalities in the USA fell pretty much at a steady rate of 3% for the entire 20th century. There was no break in trend with the drop in fatalities  after major road safety legislation was passed by Congress in 1966. The composition of who died changed: Peltzman …

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June 24, 2014

Credit cards

I had to go without my Visa card because it was swallowed by the ATM. It had been cloned. It took five days to replace

Talk about going back to the mid-20th century. I had to remember to carry cash, how much cash I would need each day, how much would I need for emergencies.

Wallet with New Zealand Money  - Stock Photo

I had to remember how much I spent day to day and then budget for this and that. I never had thought about that much before. Carrying cash and remembering how to budget your wallet every day is a skill that I lost 20 years when I got my credit card.

This is was in my home town. Imagine the horrors if you were abroad and having to travel without a credit card.

Last time I had to do that was in Japan in 1993. Credit cards are not widely accepted in Japan. Cash is king. There were a few international ATMs in Japan at that time, maybe three in all of Tokyo.

Upon Singapore’s independence in 1965—three years after Jamaica’s own establishment as a nation—the two nations were about equal in wealth: the gross domestic product (in 2006 U.S. dollars) was $2,850 per person in Jamaica, slightly higher than Singapore’s $2,650. Both nations had a centrally located port, a tradition of British colonial rule, and governments with …

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HT: The Oildrum In The Coal Question from 1865, William Stanley Jevons examined for how long British prosperity could rely on cheap supplies of coal. His estimate was that within a hundred years, or perhaps one or two generations, coal production would decline due to increases in the cost of mining. Given that coal was …

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