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Max Roser seems upset that British inequality rose since the 1980s for the top 1%. Other measures of inequality did not rise such as for disposable income. https://twitter.com/MaxCRoser/status/657509056052133888 At the same time as top income shares grew at a pace, as shown in the chart below, the British economy boomed under the Thatchernomics, and if …

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Originally posted on Flip Chart Fairy Tales:
Despite all the rhetoric about the Conservatives becoming the workers’ party, George Osborne’s masterstroke National Living Wage (NLW) is really just another deficit reduction policy. The government has realised that the deficit is a labour market thing and that the only way to take big lumps off social security costs is…

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https://twitter.com/hamiltonproj/status/659776768094547968 There was a step increase in the employment rate of single parents and in particular high school dropouts straight after the implementation of the 1996 US federal welfare reforms. These single mothers who dropped out of high school were thought to be least employable and most at risk to the 1996 US welfare reform. …

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Originally posted on Real Science:
During my nearly sixty years on Earth, I have observed that winters are cold and summers are hot. We sometimes get storms and hurricanes and tornadoes and droughts and floods. Predators like James Hansen are attempting to convince children that these things didn’t used to happen, even though they know…

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Originally posted on Real Science:
James Hansen claims that the climate was stable for the last 12,000 years Must-read Hansen and Sato paper: We are at a climate tipping point that, once crossed, enables multi-meter sea level rise this century | ThinkProgress He is lying, as always. Three different civilizations in Greenland were completely wiped…

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Despite coming out of the blocks together, the Chinese economic miracle led to far larger increase in its respective real GDP PPP. Indian GDP only increased eightfold while Chinese GDP increased 18 fold since 1980 on a purchasing power parity basis. Source: The Conference Board. 2015. The Conference Board Total Economy Database™, May 2015, http://www.conference-board.org/data/economydatabase/

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Originally posted on NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT:
By Paul Homewood? ?? http://dailycaller.com/2015/10/28/green-investment-funds-are-tanking-losing-shareholders-millions/ ? Stranded assets, Mr Carney? ? From the Daily Caller: ? Green energy investments have been shredded over the past eight years, gutting shareholder value and calling the financial viability of renewable energy into question. The Energy Select Sector SPDR…

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