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Originally posted on Urban Liberty:
A few weeks ago the Cato Institute had an event where William Fischel, an economics professor at Dartmouth; Matt Yglesias of Vox Media and Robert Deitz of the National Association of Home Builders, gathered to discus Fischel’s new book, Zoning Rules, published by the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy. I couldn’t…

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Originally posted on Climate Etc.:
by Judith Curry Small atoll islands may grow, not sink, as sea level rises. Recent headlines highlight the plight of Kiribati: Kiribati’s dilemma:  Before we drown we may die of thirst Kiribati crumbles Kiribati climate change refugee crisis New Scientist Can we blame climate change, or more specifically sea level…

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http://izquotes.com/quotes-pictures/quote-i-disapprove-of-what-you-say-but-will-defend-to-the-death-your-right-to-say-it-voltaire-334856.jpg JONATHAN TURLEY I have been writing for years about the alarming decline of free speech in France where citizens are routinely investigated and prosecuted for criticism groups or religions. We discussed this trend most recently with the prosecution of far right politician Marine Le Pen for her exercise of free speech against immigration. Now, …

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Originally posted on Watts Up With That?:
Guest essay by Eric Worrall Christopher Booker, one of Britain’s most prominent climate skeptics, has written a brilliant expose about the shambolic leadup to the Paris COP21 conference. One of the most striking features of Booker’s expose, is just how little money countries have pledged towards the “$100…

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The Economic Policy Institute were good enough to dig out unit record data on the unadjusted US gender wage gap by percentiles. In attempting to show there was a persistent gender pay gap, the impeccably left-wing Economic Policy Institute showed that the unadjusted gender pay gap has all but disappeared in the USA. There is …

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