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Via kottke: “Pablo Eyre took a number of movie posters featuring photography from their respective movies and replaced the photos with actual scenes. I imagine this is what movie posters look like in Harry Potter.”

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Bike helmets do not reduce head injuries. Riding safely does.

A Man With A Ph.D.

Here’s a way to reduce bike injuries: Ride like a woman
[Via Quartz]

Should bike helmets be compulsory? The issue has divided road-safety experts for decades. Wearing a helmet definitely makes any injuries from a head impact less serious, but science is less conclusive on whether compulsory-helmet laws reduce injuries overall.

To try to settle the debate, researchers from the University of Toronto and the University of British Columbia looked at hospitalization rates for bike injuries in Canada. While some Canadian provinces make helmets compulsory, others, as well as the three northern territories, do not. (The study claims to be the first to study the effect of helmet laws in a single country, taking advantage of the differences in legislation within a similar transportation culture.) The researchers compared both head and body injuries in regions with and without compulsory helmet legislation between 2006 and 2011—and the results…

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@GreenCatherine more BDS hypocrisy on Gaza Strip @KennedyGraham

Concerns must grow of mass kidnappings of BDS activists. There is no other explanation for their failure to protest with great vigour against the Egyptian blockade of the Gaza Strip. Egypt has flooded the tunnels across its border with the Gaza Strip.

The Gaza Strip has two borders: both Egypt and Israel restrict trade with the Gaza. The Egyptian blockade of the Gaza Strip is biting much more than the Israeli blockade.

Hamas derived 40% of its tax revenue from tariffs on goods that flow through those tunnels. One estimate puts the economic losses at nearly a fifth of Gaza’s GDP. This blockade by Egypt of the Gaza Strip has been regularly reported in the Guardian, so BDS activists must know of it.

No peace convoy has been launched to break this Egyptian blockade. Plenty were launched against Israel. One reason may be the Egyptians are a lot rougher customers. There is rule of law in Israel, none in the Egypt.

As the Guardian reported, Hamas’s decision to fire missiles at Egypt despite the risk of ringing upon themselves civilian losses owed as much to Egypt’s refusal to lift this blockade as it does to Israel’s.

David Brooks argues that Egypt is the real target of the Hamas missiles. After the military coup in Egypt, its military leaders closed roughly 95% of the tunnels that connected Egypt to Gaza which were used to smuggle food, weapons and other goods into Gaza.


Source: When Middle East Conflicts Become One – The New York Times.

Bjørn Lomborg Counts the ‘Enormous’ Cost of the Wind Power ‘Mirage’


Money Wasted

When it comes to assessing the costs, risks and benefits of environmental policy, Bjørn Lomborg is one of the very few that provide balanced, detailed analysis; properly supported by facts and evidence.

The economic choices we make – about allocating scarce resources to unlimited wants – should – as Lomborg consistently points out – be made taking into account all of the costs weighed against properly measured benefits (see our post here).

Bjørn Lomborg has become one of the most high profile critics of insanely expensive and utterly pointless renewable energy policies across the globe (see our posts here and here and here).

In recent times, he’s courted controversy in Australia (well, more like ‘confected outrage’) over the Coalition government’s plans to fund a research wing of an Australian University, where Lomborg and his fellow research travellers could pitch up and undertake proper (rational) investigation in how…

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Attack Ads uplift democracy

Utopia, you are standing in it!

I love attack ads. About the only time you find out anything about the downside of opposing parties and rival candidates is through these attacks ads.

attack ad

A favourite web site is theAttack Ads Hall of Fame where John Geer rightly argues that when candidates attack each other, raising doubts about their respective views and qualifications, we voters benefit. Positive ads are fluff.

Geer collected clips of the best, worse and boomerang attack ads in the post-war presidential elections from his Hall of Fame at his book siteIn Defense of Negativity Attack Ads in Presidential Campaigns

Both web sites are a must view for political junkies. Most of the Attack Ads are based on the truth and they are highly creative and focussed messaging.

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Self-driving cars – a surprising quirk in the cost benefit analysis

Source: Self-Driving Cars and Organ Transplants – Concurring Opinions

Guantanamo: Myths, Propaganda, and The Consequences of Progressive Politics.

American Elephants

BN-LD124_2gitmo_M_20151105184452Under the Obama administration, the Democrats have lost 900 state legislature seats, 12 more states are now governed by Republicans, Congress now has 69 more Republican House seats, and 13 more Republican Senate seats. That’s Obama’s legacy. Normally, when Congress has turned against the president’s programs, the president will seek to cooperate more, or at least consult, with the other party in recognition of the intent of the people.

Obama, on the other hand, has determined that he’s going to show the people just who’s the boss and govern by executive orders and memos. When Obama released Taliban who were being held at Gitmo in exchange for Bowe Bergdahl, he sent them to Qatar, for the Qataris to manage. He said:

We will be keeping eyes on them. Is there the possibility of some of them trying to return to activities that are detrimental to us? Absolutely. That’s been true…

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The Progressive Gitmo Myth.

American Elephants

guantanamo_protest_cc_img5When I had just finished the last post on Guantanamo Bay, I ran across a post last year, from Hoover fellow Bruce Thornton, entitled “The Progressive Gitmo Myth.” He added several points that are especially pertinent. Do read the whole thing.

For Obama’s liberal base, Gitmo has been part of a larger narrative of American tyranny, particularly George Bush’s alleged lawlessness in waging an “illegal” and “unnecessary” war in Iraq. Once Howard Dean’s anti-war presidential primary insurgency took off after the war began in 2003, mainstream Democrats began endorsing the far-left “Bush lied” analysis of the war that John Edwards, John Kerry, and Hillary Clinton had voted for based on the same intelligence that led to the Bush administration’s decision. With the anti-war movement providing the visuals for television news, the left’s distorted history of Vietnam was resurrected to provide the template for the war in Iraq, particularly…

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A power pole in India

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