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Some poor bugger died shortly after escaping from the Australian immigration detention facility on Christmas Island a few days ago. I wonder where he was intending to escape? Christmas Island is in the middle of the Indian Ocean and the only way off is by the airport. He had nowhere to run. There would be …

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Originally posted on orgtheory.net:
Fabio A few days ago, Gary Becker and Richard Posner asked why there are few violent anti-war protests. They pointed to the usual suspects: no draft, the fact that the war directly affects a small portion of the population, cultural change, etc. Aside from the usual lame entries, the comments were…

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Source: Daron Acemoglu A Scandinavian U.S. Would Be a Problem for the Global Economy – NYTimes.com.

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Originally posted on The Sand Pit:
Phil Twyford’s bill banning foreigners from buying existing New Zealand houses has been drawn from the ballot. I just have a hard time seeing the point. Let’s work up from first principles. The price of houses depends on the supply and demand for houses, but the demand for houses…

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I stayed on after my Parliamentary testimony this morning to listen to others. A dozen or more made submissions arguing for more regulation – usually asking that zero hours contracts be outlawed. I was the only submitter so far who argued against any regulation of zero hours contracts. I was thanked for putting a different …

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Elements of Access: Induced Demand

November 12, 2015

Transportist by David Levinson

Induced Demand Induced Demand


by Wes Marshall

You already have a congested roadway, and the transportation planners predict even more traffic on that road in the near future. What do you do? For most of the last century, the answer was to increase capacity. In the short-term, this seemed to work. Time and time again, over the long-term, the actual amount of traffic after the capacity increase grew far more than expected. What seemed like an obvious solution to a congestion problem continued to disappoint. But why?

The reason for these failures lies with the principle of induced demand. Once capacity increases, not only do you get the originally predicted traffic growth, but you also facilitate some often unanticipated changes in travel behavior. First, existing road users might change the time of day when they travel; instead of leaving at 5 AM to…

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My submission to the Transport and Industrial Relations Committee today on the Employment Standards Bill is there should be no regulation of zero hours contracts: Workers sign these contracts because they are to their net advantage; Always knowing your working hours in advance is known only to about 30% of shift workers; and Workers command …

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