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Employment status of sole parents in UK, USA, France, Italy, Australia, Ireland and New Zealand

Despite supposedly having stingy welfare states, both New Zealand and Australia have a lot of sole parents who do not work at all. There is no separate breakdown of full-time and part-time work status in the USA. About 72% of sole parents in the USA either work full-time or part-time.

Source: OECD Family Database.

Stand with me as a proud carnivore

As a diabetic, I’m very annoyed by the automatic social deference to vegetarians and vegans. They are food snobs but no one dares offer them meat. I have people annoying me on a regular basis trying to tempt me with sugary things.

What are the incentives to sign a global climate change treaty? Who must sign up to real commitments?

Utopia, you are standing in it!

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Missouri Police Tell Students To Report “Hurtful” Statements


University_of_Missouri_sealFree speech advocates are increasingly uneasy about the response of University of Missouri to protests of racism on campus. Some of the incidents described by students are exercises of free speech. Those concerns were heightened with the videotape of a communications professor harassing and trying to get students to “muscle” out a student journalist. This concern was heightened even further by police asking students to report “hateful and/or hurtful” speech. We have been discussing the erosion of free speech on our campuses and the message seemed to invite the type of speech regulation that has been on the rise. Citizens are allowed to say “hurtful” things without being forced to answer for their exercise of free speech. Monitoring and punishing hurtful statements threatens the most basic values of free speech in our universities. For those with controversial views, the police policy must have had the same feel as Mass…

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Is monetary policy adventurism by politicians ok?


Two instances.

Today, the spectacle of Donald Trump, competing for the Republican nomination in the 2016 US Presidential election, accusing Janet Yellen’s Fed of skewing monetary policy deliberately to help out President Obama.

Or John McDonnell, expressing the view that the Bank of England should be taken back under ‘democratic control’, and the many implicit critiques of the BoE’s quantitative easing program contained in the proposal to supersede it with QE ‘for the people’ [unlike its predecessor, which was judged simply to help the better off].

I’ve blogged many times over about how I thought Carney should have stayed out of political issues [and in fact Janet Yellen’s comments on inequality were overstepping].  Is it likewise taboo for politicians to criticise independent central bankers?

No.  That’s their job.  Running or holding electoral office, they must be entitled to comment on whether all levers of policy are being used appropriately, whether the…

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Individual tradable birth licences – ecological economics’ finest hour?

Utopia, you are standing in it!

A mate suggested that I look into ecological economics. The self-appointed visionaries of ecological economics were so concerned about the population bomb that they proposed a “choice-based, marketable, birth license plan” or “birth credits” for population control. The Earth’s carrying capacity is a central issue in ecological economics.

Birth credits were promoted by urban designer and environmental activist Michael E. Arth since the 1990s and earlier by economist Kenneth Boulding (1964) and ecological economist Herman Daly (1991). I am not making this up.

Birth credits would allow any woman to have as many children as she wants, as long as she buys a license for any children beyond an average allotment that would result in zero population growth (ZPG). Birth credits are similar to individual tradable quotas for fishing.

  • If the allotment was determined to be 1.1 children, then the first child would be free, and the market would determine…

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British Columbia Man Stands Trial For The Crime Of Criticizing Jews On His Blog


nicubunu_open_mouthimages3We have been discussing the alarming erosion of free speech in Canada in the last few years — part of a trend in the West. Those concerns have been rekindled by the trial of Roy Arthur Topham, who was charged with promoting hatred against Jewish people through his website RadicalPress.com. He was arrested by the RCMP Hate Crimes Unit in 2012.

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Hilarious Cat Shows Off His Athletic Ability On His Own Bicycle

How many solar panels needed to heat 1/2 million homes

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