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https://twitter.com/paul1kirby/status/666395045453561857 https://twitter.com/PostGraphics/status/665966751046377472 https://twitter.com/PostGraphics/status/665911412032585728 https://twitter.com/PostGraphics/status/665568143784452096 https://www.facebook.com/OurWorldinData/photos/a.256547964548371.1073741826.255848064618361/444374582432374/?type=3&theater

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Originally posted on Utopia, you are standing in it!:
Ludwig Von Mises worked as an economic-policy advisor to the Vienna Chamber of Commerce from 1909 to 1934. As Richard Ebeling notes: What comes out from reading Mises’s policy writings from this period of his European career is that if you had asked him a fiscal,…

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Originally posted on The Lukewarmer's Way:
Over at Stoat, William Connolley has just discovered that some alarmists have labeled either global warming or climate change as ‘catastrophic.’ This upsets him, as he is one of many who maintained that ‘catastrophic’ is something that skeptics say that alarmists write, but that in fact it is…

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Truth on the Market I received word today that Douglass North passed away yesterday at the age of 95 (obit here). Professor North shared the Nobel Prize in Economic with Robert Fogel in 1993 for his work in economic history on the role of institutions in shaping economic development and performance. Doug was one of …

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It remains mystifying why a private company whose parent made $385m last yr thinks it needs taxpayers 2 pay for this pic.twitter.com/A0pZ7axTrx — Steven Joyce (@stevenljoyce) November 24, 2015 @stevenljoyce finally, a line in the sand 4 corporate welfare. And beware aviation economists bearing externalitieshttps://t.co/R6ACluvTQw — Jim Rose (@JimRose69872629) November 24, 2015

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Originally posted on Climate Etc.:
Words of wisdom from Hobart, Tasmania. Garth Paltridge emailed this gem, a letter to the editor of the Hobart Mercury.  Garth, who lives in Hobart, describes Hobart as “the centre of Australian ‘green’ thought and activity.” Dear Sir The responses in Friday’s Letters page to my letter about climate change…

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