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Source: How can growth reduce inequality?

Asylum claims are not the cause of the UK’s record immigration

Flip Chart Fairy Tales

Attitudes to refugees have hardened since last September, said a BBC report yesterday. It found an increase in the number of people who think the UK has taken in too many refugees and should now be taking fewer. This is another manifestation of the growing concern about immigration noted by Gallup and Mori polls last month.

But the UK has only taken 1,000 Syrian refugees and only grants a few thousand asylum claims each year. Even if Britain took no refugees at all it would make very little difference to the immigration figures.

While it is true that immigration to the UK is at a record high, this has almost nothing to do with refugees and asylum seekers. As this chart from Migration Observatory shows, there was a time, back in the early 1990s when asylum seekers accounted for most of Britain’s immigration but that was a long time ago when immigration…

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Waiting for God means you become a couch potato

Source: How Different Groups Spend Their Day – Interactive Graphic – NYTimes.com.

Saving The Enterprise

The Arts Mechanical

The model of the Star Trek ship, Enterprise is falling apart.  This model has been on display at the NASM for decades and the original glue that held it together is starting to fall apart.  Also the poorly done paint done during the restoration back in the 1990’s needs to be removed and the ship placed back as it was during the shooting of the TV show.  Earlier I posted about conserving the model at the Smithsonian in Tech Stuff 3 with these links.



Trek Core has a series of videos about the restoration.

More from Trek Core.


More pics at Space.com


And Popular Mechanics.


Pics from an earlier restoration

TOS 11 Foot USS ENTERPRISE 1701 Studio Model Restoration #1

Models tend to have hard lives. Especially shooting models like the Enterprise. Consider what happened to the 2001 models after the shooting was over.  So having the…

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India’s Quest for ‘24/7 Reliable Power’ Means Munching More Coal, Not Praying for the Wind to Blow


poverty india Crying out for ‘an uninterrupted flow of fuel’.


Among the selfish conceits peddled by the wind industry, its parasites and spruikers is the notion that a wholly weather dependent power source – which is 4 times the cost of coal-fired power and which will always require 100% of its capacity to be backed up 100% of the time by conventional generation sources – represents the ‘salvation’ of nations like India, where some 250 million people have no power at all; and, accordingly, live in Stone Age poverty, cooking on twigs and dung and otherwise living a life of misery.

The pontificators that assembled in Paris, and sought to impose what Indians quite rightly regard as “fake electricity”, couldn’t care less about the world’s huddled masses and are, instead, happy to destine them to a world of eternal darkness and poverty. However, thankfully, India’s Power Minister, Piyush…

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Why @GreenpeaceNZ @NZGreens are not @nzlabour’s comrades

Source: An Environmentalism for the Left | Dissent Magazine.

Les Patterson discusses Joan Collins with Michael Willesee

Which countries are the biggest exporters of their own citizens

Unimaginative Darwin Awards application

% billionaires who made their money through political connections or resource industries

The 1826 Billionaires in the Forbes 2015 list are classified as rich through political connections if they made their money through past political positions, close relatives or friends in government, or questionable licenses, privatisations or resource extraction industries.

Source: Caroline Freund and Sarah Oliver, The Origins of the Superrich: The Billionaire Characteristics Database (2016).

All privatizations were included in the politically-connected/resource-related category despite my data source acknowledging the possibility that the new owners may have transformed the company. Resource billionaires were all deemed to be lucky or cronies by my data source rather than diligent as some most certainly were. This is something of a slur by my data source given the industriousness of some resource billionaires some of whom were even geologists.

Political cronyism is a path to billionaire wealth mainly in the developing countries. Less than 10% of Chinese billionaires made their money through political connections, which is surprising.

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