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Originally posted on Flip Chart Fairy Tales:
Sovereignty is a word we will hear a lot over the next few months. Brexit supporters say we need to leave the EU because it’s a threat to Britain’s sovereignty. According to the Mayor of London (yes, he is still that) parliament lost its sovereignty in 1972 and the only way…

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Thomas Borcherding “An Economic Approach to School Integration: Public Choice with Tie-ins.” Public Choice, 1977, argues that a reason for racial or ethnic discrimination in the public sector is politics encourages the coercive transfer of income from the racial, religious or ethnic group to those with more political influence. Race can be used as a …

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Originally posted on Sweet Talk:
Two years ago, semiconservative pundit Josh Barro declared that “Conservatives Have No Idea What to Do About Recessions.” The eminent progressive economist Paul Krugman agreed, then tweaked crotchety Josh by saying this idea-less condition afflicts not only “anti-intellectual and doctrinaire” Republican policymakers but also “prestigious conservative economists” such as, um,…

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Originally posted on A Force for Good:
On his blog, Paul Krugman discussed how “the conventional case for trade liberalization relies on the assertion that the government could redistribute income to ensure that everyone wins.”  Aside from the historical and intellectual issues with this statement, Krugman makes another rather anti-Progressive point (albeit he does so…

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American workers are working fewer hours per year but more labour has been supplied by the working age population especially in the 1980s and 1990s. In France, there has been a steady decline of hours worked per worker and, up until 1985, hours worked per working age French. Data extracted on 10 Mar 2016 22:34 …

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Data generated by 17,281 England-only users of the WhoGetsMyVoteUK  application. Before to the 2015 general election, users expressed their opinions on thirty policy statements including taxation, welfare, the EU and immigration. Their answers were matched with the party or parties that best corresponded with those views. Source: Politics is too complex to be understood in …

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