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Living wage advocate William Lester published a briefing for the Washington Centre for Equitable Growth that destroys the case for a living wage. He did not intend this but he documented in detail the exclusion of inexperienced workers from the restaurant industry in San Francisco after a living wage was imposed. He compared San Francisco’s …

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Originally posted on Nintil:
How many Austrian economists are out there? Here I present a list of them. In a previous post (spanish), I listed some Austrian work published in listed (JCR) journals. First, who counts as an Austrian economist? I rely on these two conditions: Have published in an Austrian journal, not in a guest or special review,…

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Originally posted on Nintil:
Do firms invest in long term R&D? They do, right? There are examples around. Just recently we saw that Intel will invest 50 millions of dollars in Quantum Computing (Also, this brief note by Intel’s CEO). They don’t expect to have results immediately: Today Intel Corporation announced a 10-year collaborative relationship…

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Originally posted on Nintil:
Consider the following sentences Without the State/Elon Musk we would have no iPhone/SpaceX The role of the State/Elon Musk was crucial for the success of the iPhone/SpaceX The State/Elon Musk played a very important role in the development of the iPhone/SpaceX The State/Elon Musk were one of the factors  that played…

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Originally posted on Real Science:
Mark Serreze is the director of the National Snow and Ice Data Center in Boulder, Colorado. He believes that the Arctic is screaming, and he predicted that the North Pole would be ice-free in 2008. Star-News August 20, 2008 at 8:14 am NSIDC graphs make it look like screaming Arctic…

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I do not trust the numbers for New Zealand prior to the early 1990s released by the OECD. New Zealand simply did not have a tax structure including a GST in the double digits back then to support estate of that size. Nonetheless, the size of government in New Zealand is systematically larger than in …

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It comes as a surprise to living wage advocates that entrepreneurs are so alert to the impact of downsizing and firm closures on employee morale that they keep these a secret to the last possible minute. Entrepreneurs are not fools. They profit from alertness to the effects of changes in the fortunes of the firm …

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No new classes of antibiotics has been discovered since 1987. They are looked upon as a poor investment by pharmaceutical entrepreneurs because there are so many generic competitors. To make it even more complicated, any new antibiotic that might be invented would have to be held in reserve for a major case of an antibiotic …

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