@CFigueres seriously mistaken on carbon emissions and global poverty

Why Intermittent Wind Power Can Never Match Power Dispatched On Demand


nuclear-power-a The real deal: there when you need it.


There are 3 electricity essentials – that the power source and its delivery to homes and businesses be: 1) reliable; 2) secure; and 3) affordable. Which means that wind power – a wholly weather dependent power source, that can’t be stored and costs 3-4 times the cost of conventional power – scores NIL on all three counts.

Over time, STT has sought to pull together fairly technical aspects of power generation in an effort to demonstrate the patent nonsense of wind power.

Here’s a great effort to do just that by Mark Febrizio, who is a policy associate at the Institute for Energy Research in Washington, DC.

‘Grid Parity’ for Renewables: An Empty Concept (Part I)
Master Resource
Mark Febrizio
21 March 2016

“Coal, natural gas, nuclear, and hydroelectric power are essential because they are predictable and dispatchable resources; conversely, renewables produce…

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Motorcycle deaths fell after mandatory helmet law repeal….

Mostly Economics

I am surprised to read this bit. One wants markets and firms to gigure things but there are certain things which require regulation and forced one at that. This is especially the case with wearing helmets (or putting seat belts) which are fairly simple practices to save injuries from accidents. But people just don’t care especially in India. We do all possible to avoid these devices.

So, in Michigan they repealed this compulsory law of wearing helmets. There is some controversy around the findings:

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Picking winners and @stevenljoyce’s repayable grants to 11 more tech start-ups @JordNZ

imageMinister for Science and Innovation Steven Joyce picked a few more winners today. Eleven more start-up technology companies are to be funded $450,000 each in repayable loans to commercialise their technology. The loans are from Callaghan Innovation’s incubator network.

To cut a long diatribe short, I find these sums of money rather piddling. I have encountered this corporate welfare program before at a presentation.

My reaction then as is now: by handing out such small grants, some will succeed, some will fail. Importantly, there will never be one big disaster to bring the whole show down. There is political safety in diversification.

This is not the case with, for example, film subsidies. If Sir Peter Jackson and others finally produce a box office bomb, it will be all too glaring that the taxpayers backed a Hollywood loser with hundreds of millions of dollars. $500 million in subsidies in the case of Avatar.

By peppering small sums of money across the economy, there is no similar risk from this repayable grant scheme for the commercialisation of products.

@FairnessNZ NZ leads world in closing the gender pay gap #equalpayday @greencatherine


Source: Earnings and wages – Gender wage gap – OECD Data.


What are you too young to remember?

Global Growth: Too Slow for Too Long

iMFdirect - The IMF Blog

maurice-obstfeld2By Maurice Obstfeld

Versions in عربي (Arabic) 中文 (Chinese), Français (French), Русский (Russian), and Español (Spanish)

Global growth continues, but at an increasingly disappointing pace that leaves the world economy more exposed to negative risks. Growth has been too slow for too long.

The new World Economic Outlook released today anticipates a slight acceleration in growth this year, from 3.1 to 3.2 percent, followed by 3.5 percent growth in 2017. Our projections, however, continue to be progressively less optimistic over time.

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OK, how about the gender gap, within occupations, for people working 50+ hours?

Family Inequality

I haven’t had time to write something substantial on this, but I took the time to make this figure so I may as well post it.

Hanna Rosin wrote a blog post in Slate called “The Gender Gap Lie,” boldly proclaiming, “I feel the need to set the record straight,” before summarizing a June 2012 PolitiFact piece on the Obama 2012 ad which said: “President Obama knows that Women being paid 77 cents on the dollar for doing the same work as men isn’t just unfair, it hurts families.”

It turns out, not surprisingly, there are many pieces debunking the misleading use of the gender wage gap statistic, like this one by Kay Hymowitz and this one by Ruth David Konigsberg, with the absurdly offensive sub-head: “Women don’t make 77 cents to a man’s dollar. They make more like 93 cents, as long as they don’t major in…

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Another cat clip

Gender Gap Statistic Gets it from All Sides

Family Inequality

I was very happy to write this post for the Gender & Society blog, where it first appeared.

The “gender gap” has gotten a lot of attention this fall. This hard-working statistic is as often abused and attacked by antifeminists as it is misused and misunderstood by those sympathetic to feminism. But it is good for one thing: information.

The statistic is released each year with the U.S. Census Bureau’s income and poverty report. This year they reported 2012 annual earnings as recorded in the March 2013 Current Population Survey (CPS): the median earnings of full-time, year-round working women ($37,791) was 76.5% of men’s ($49,398). That is the source of (accurate) statements such as, “Women still earned only 77 cents for every dollar that men earned in 2012.”

In the category of reading too much into a single number, I put this data brieffrom the Institute for…

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