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Brexit: the Movie 

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Asian Journal: Chronology of the Marcos Plunder

Caroline Kennedy: My Travels

For those who claim the Marcos family made the Philippines a better place. 

Posted on October 25, 2015

(This Chronology is compiled by Charlie Avila and originally published in 2012 at the Asian Journal San Diego.)

ferdieandbongbongSeptember 1976, the Marcoses bought their first property in the U.S. – a condo in the exclusive Olympic Towers on Fifth Avenue in New York . Five months later they would also buy the three adjoining apartments, paying a total of $4,000,000.00 for the four and using Antonio Floirendo’s company, The Aventures Limited in Hong Kong, as front for these purchases.

October 13, 1977 Today, after addressing the UN General Assembly, Imelda celebrated by going shopping and spending $384,000 including $50,000 for a platinum bracelet with rubies; $50,000 for a diamond bracelet; and $58,000 for a pin set with diamonds.

The day before, Vilma Bautista, one of her private secretaries…

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‘Follow the Money’: Hard-Hitting Danish Drama Documents Wind Industry Corruption, Australian Sequel Promised


follow the money

STT has just gorged on two episodes of what is presented as well crafted drama, but which to STT followers will play out like a hard-hitting documentary.

Australia’s SBS started screening ‘Follow the Money’ a couple of weeks ago, the plot-line for Episode 1 is described as follows:

Mads, a police detective, is called out to investigate a body washed ashore near a wind farm. At first, it merely looks like an industrial accident, but the case implicates the upper echelons of Energreen – one of Denmark’s most successful and leading energy companies. The CEO is charismatic Sander, and a young lawyer, Claudia, is working hard to advance in the company. Nicky, a former car thief and mechanic, has put his life of crime behind him for his girlfriend’s sake, but his new colleague Bimse tempts Nicky with a chance to make a quick buck.

From the creators of Borgen…

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Migrants as % of populations of USA, Canada, Western European countries, Australia & New Zealand, 1990 and 2015


Source: United Nations Population Division | Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Trends in International Migrant Stock: The 2015 Revision, Table 3 – International migrant stock as a percentage of the total population by sex and by major area, region, country or area, 1990-2015.