Day: May 30, 2016

No @sarahinthesen8 this is not acceptable. Stopping the boats saved hundreds of lives

People who enter illegally by boat do not increase the number of refugees of Australia admits in any one year. They change who was granted asylum within the same fixed quota. Increasing the quota will not change incentives for illegal entry if illegal entry allows for settlement in Australia.

Improvements in remaining life expectancy of Australians aged 25 to 29 since 1990

The graph shows how many years you have left if aged 25 to 29 in 1990.


Source: Life Expectancy: progress from 1990 to 2013 | Health Intelligence.

What is in a batsman’s stance? Perhaps everything..

I must say that the number of sixes hit these days is unusual. When I was a lad, maybe one or 2 per test series where he had.

Mostly Economics

Some people are not just gifted speakers but writers as well. It is a rare thing to have,

Mark Nicholas is one such person who does great cricket commentary and writes equally well. Here he writes about stanceĀ of current EnglishĀ top order batsmen. One can apply the different ways to other batters as well:

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Trading across Borders Doing Business ranking 2016 – high income OECD countries

What did Australia do wrong to have the worst ranking of the high income countries for doing business across borders. New Zealand is not much better. The British are not benefiting as much as they could from the common market. Being in continental Europe must have advantages except if your Germany.


Source: Historical Data – Doing Business- World Bank Group.

Bernie Sanders and Magical Thinking

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The real issue in the election is magical thinking. Bernie supporters (like the Trump supporters) have been sold a brand of magical thinking: free college, tax reform, trade protectionism to produce the old 1950s high paying jobs with benefits, isolationist foreign policy, all of which are simply not going to happen, as there is not a political path to deliver them, or in some cases, like starting a trade war with the world economy in poor shape, they are not even desirable, but likely catastrophic and not going to produce the good jobs anyway as automation is rampant.

What Bernie supporters I suspect (but may be wrong, not thinking I have the simplistic lock on reality) hate about Hillary is that she reminds them, by her record that politics is the art of compromise, of deals between interest groups and of trade offs, least worst options. They call this corruptā€¦

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The computerization of economics: a chronology (in progress)

The Undercover Historian

On Hardware, thereā€™s aĀ great illustrated history of computers hereĀ (and timeline).Ā For econometrics software, IĀ relied on Charles Renfroā€™s massive history. I have tried to classify the various ways in which computerization affected the development of economics hereĀ and I list further research questions here.Ā Comments welcome.Ā 


Leontief tries to solve 44 simultaneous equations on a mechanical computer developed by John Wilbur at MIT and fails. The computing capacities at that time, Dorfman recalls, enabled econs to solve 9 simultaneous equations in 3/4 hours.

Late 1940s


While the first general-purpose computer, the Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer (ENIAC) becomes operational in 1946, economistsā€™ fascination with machine is then still related to the utilization of physics metaphors and tools to build economic models. In 1949, for instance, engineers Walter Newlyn and Bill Phillips (of the Phillips curve) built an hydromechanical analogue computer to simulate monetary andā€¦

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9 ways computers have affected the development of economics

The Undercover Historian

ā€œThe rise of applied economics from the 1970s onward is a consequence of computerization and better data.ā€ This increasingly canonical narrative has the allure of truthiness, and it is therefore surprising that the computerization of economics has never been historicized. Gathering a few important occurrences of economistsā€™ engagement with computers has made me aware of the unclear interplay of hardware, software, econometric theory, modeling, coding, data gathering and policy making. My tentative chronology hints at the many ways in which the development of computers have affected economics, from speeding up econometrics calculations to challenging entrenched conceptions of economic ā€œproof,ā€ from providing new objects of studies to forging new relationship between theory and empirical work, even eliminating the distinction between the two spheres. More specifically, here are the 9 tentative layers of influence I read in itĀ (comments much Ā welcome)

1)Ā Improving calculations:Ā as they were brought by academic and research institutionsā€¦

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BS @WorldBank that #climateaction = no sacrifice 4 poor countries @cjsnowdon @RichardTol @BjornLomborg @WBG_Climate

Remember this every time the Left says the government invented the Internet


Source: US nuclear force still uses floppy disks – BBC News.