#Brexit some of Europe’s most prominent separatist movements


@DavidLeyonhjelm @auslibdems Senator NSW talks about ever increasing debt and wasteful government spending


Mises on the Fatal Conceit

Source: Unicorn Governance | Foundation for Economic Education.

Does Rent Control Help the Poor?

A Force for Good

Here is a comment I left on David Henderson’s Econlog post “Misallocation Under Rent Control”:

RentControl and jon write:

“What critics of rent controls are missing is this: Even if rent control is a bad idea, the market left alone by itself will not provide cheap housing to people who have low or no incomes. Markets only serve people who have income levels that allow them to participate in the market.”

This is incorrect. If I may paraphrase Don Boudreaux’s general response on this at Cafe Hayek, there are no price ceilings on lots of goods, from food to clothing to automobiles, and yet the market provides these for all, both rich and poor. There is no reason to think housing is much different.

Besides, rent control doesn’t guarantee that there will be suddenly affordable housing everywhere. As both David and Don point out, the competition only becomes…

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Say NO to Political Correctness 

Employment policies in the EU [What Think Tanks are thinking]

European Parliamentary Research Service Blog

Written by Marcin Grajewski,

Unemployment in the EU [What Think Tanks are thinking] © Luna Vandoorne/Shutterstock Policies to boost employment and support the poorest in society have come centre stage of the political debate after the great recession raised unemployment and poverty rates, exacerbated inequalities, and put pressure on social security and pension systems. As labour markets are being reformed, they are also being transformed by technological change, with automation and digitalisation creating new business models.

This note offers links to recent commentaries and reports from major international think tanks on employment and social welfare policies in the EU. More studies on the subject are available in an earlier edition of ‘What think tanks are thinking’.

The impact of the collaborative economy on the labour market
Centre for the European Policy Studies, June 2016

The social reality of Europe after the crisis
Policy Network, June 2016

Institutional moral hazard in the multi-tiered regulation of Unemployment and Social Assistance Benefits…

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South Australians Locked in Wind Power Price Disaster: Retail Prices Jump Another 12%


koutsantonis SA’s Treasurer, Tom Koutsantonis: plays deaf to economic reality.


South Australia is an economic basket case, thanks, in no small part, to its obsession with wind power.

Power prices are spiralling out of control. Back in March SA’s businesses were belted with a 90% hike in their bills, that left manufacturers, miners and other power hungry businesses reeling: Wind Power Costs Crushing South Australian Businesses: Firms Hit with 90% Price Hike

Now residential customers have just been whacked by AGL, with a 12% power price hike (with a whole lot worse to come).  What passes for journalism in SA pitched up the following half-baked ‘analysis’ on the causes of what portends to be a social and economic disaster (STT fills in the gaps a little later).

State’s largest energy retailer, AGL, set to hike electricity bill prices
The Advertiser
David Nankervis
15 June 2016

AGL customers will be hit…

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Hone’s 2011 election result proved how tiny NZ far-left is @CitizenBomber @TheDailyBlogNZ

The dreams of electoral success live on in the New Zealand far-left despite the facts of the 2011 general election.

Hone Harawira is running again in the 2017 general election so the left is getting its hopes up despite his abysmal failure in the 2011 general election.

In the 2011 general election, Hone was assured of re-election therefore any party vote for him could bring in list MPs.

I was deeply surprised how badly Hone and his friends on the far left performed. His party, Mana Movement won 1.1% of the party vote. That was not enough to bring in another MP.

When the Manna Movement had millions of dollars to spend on campaigning it 1.2% of the party vote but on a lost his seat because of his association with a German billionaire facing extradition. This is why the 2011 New Zealand election is the proper test of the size of the far left vote in New Zealand.

When Hone and Mana had a clean run for parliament, the hard left in New Zealand made up of him, Annette Sykes, Sue Bradford and John Minto got hardly any more votes that the people they know directly on social media and protest rallies and an assured vote from their mums.

There simply is not a far left of any size in New Zealand. Hone proved it.

The “miracle” stem cell treatment that could reverse MS

One of the 24 in the treatment group died of drug-related side effects. MS is pretty rough so even at those odds some might be willing to take the chance. One of the great dilemmas of powerful drugs is they can have some pretty strong side-effects. There has to be trade-offs, sometimes with tragic consequences.

Source: This isn’t hype: Canadian doctors just reversed severe MS using stem cells – Vox.

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