ABBA:The Movie


The Ferguson Theater

[graphics]_ABBA_1978_Movie_Poster_002_[]Directed by Lasse Hallstrom

Produced by Stig Anderson/Reg Grundy

Written by Lasse Hallstrom/Robert Caswell

Music by Stig Anderson/Benny Andersson/Bjorn Ulvaeus

All I got to say is Thank Odin for Turner Classic Movies and their Underground program. For those of who who don’t get TCM via or cable/satellite provider I heartily recommend that you pony up the extra bucks and add it to your package. If you’re a true movie fan you probably already subscribe to TCM and if you don’t then you’re really missing out.

Take TCM Underground for instance. This is a block of cult movies usually but not limited to the horror, science fiction, counterculture, blaxplotation and just plain out and out nutso genres. TCM Underground shows movies that honestly you wouldn’t see anywhere else on any other cable/satellite channel. Seriously. TCM Underground has aired “Darktown Strutters” “Abar, The First Black Superman” “The Apple”(The Greatest Bad…

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Friends of Science Calgary

News of the day claims the world is shifting off fossil fuels and Canada is being left behind. Nothing could be further from the truth. Energy economist Robert Lyman deconstructs the extreme costs and challenges of attempting to actualize the so-called “WWS – Wind Water Sunlight – vision of renewable energy.  Renewable NOT doable.

FULL REPORT – Click the link below.


A Reality Check

Contributed by Robert Lyman @ May 2016

cover why renewable NRG cannot replace

Humanity is owed a serious investigation of how we have gone so far with the decarbonization project without a serious challenge in terms of engineering reality.

Michael Kelly, Prof. Electrical Engineering, Cambridge

A number of environmental groups in Canada and other countries have recently endorsed the “100% Clean and Renewable Wind, Water and Sunlight (WWS)” vision articulated in reports written by Mark Jacobson, Mark…

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Blade Runner: The Theatrical Version

The Ferguson Theater


Warner Bros.

Directed by Ridley Scott

Produced by Michael Deeley

Screenplay by Hampton Fancher and David Peoples

Based on the novel “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep” by Philip K. Dick

There’s a good reason why BLADE RUNNER is still hailed as a masterpiece of science fiction/neo-noir/detective pulp filmmaking today.  It’s just that good.  This is the movie; along with “Alien” released two years earlier defined the look and feel of science fiction movies for the next thirty years.  BLADE RUNNER is innovative in a lot of ways but most of all in the way it presented the future.  Of course, for us living in 2011 which isn’t so far away from the 2019 depicted in the movie we can get a chuckle at how far off the movie is in predicting where we would be.

But you look at the movie and what pulls you in is how

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The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels

Watts Up With That?

Review and Summary of “The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels”

By Andy May

The best-selling book The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels was first published November 27, 2014 by Penguin. The author, Alex Epstein, took a BA in Philosophy from Duke University in 2002. He is the President of the Center for Industrial Progress, a former fellow of the Ayn Rand Institute and an adjunct scholar at the Cato Institute. He was also named as one of the top 10 in Rolling Stone’s 2013 “Global Warming Denier Elite.” High praise indeed! He was fourth on the list.

Epstein presents a very well written discussion of the climate change debate. He destroys the 97% consensus myth, explains that the carbon dioxide greenhouse effect decreases logarithmically with concentration and shows that the climate computer models used to compute man’s influence on climate have never successfully predicted anything. He also…

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University of Houston Student Suspended And Required To Attend Cultural Events For Writing “All Lives Matter”


Unknown-1The University of Houston has offered the latest example of how free speech is being rapidly eradicated on our campuses. Rohini Sethi, vice president of the university’s student government association, was given a 50-day suspension from her student government post for saying “all lives matter” on social media. She has now been told that the suspension will be lifted after she publicly apologized and agreed to attend cultural events.

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Amusing Anti-Libertarian Humor

International Liberty

The presidential contest between Clinton and Trump (can we shorten that to “Clump”?) is so depressing that it’s time to distract ourselves with some libertarian humor.

And I’m even willing so share such humor when libertarians are the target of mockery.

We have a new addition to that list. Here’s Ron Paul selling Libertarios, a “deregulated cereal.”

I have to confess that I laughed when I first saw…

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Smart meters help consumers avoid wasting money on energy efficiency


Knowledge Problem

Analysis of a randomised-controlled trial on a sample of almost 2500 Irish households revealed one surprising result: compared to the control group, households provided with a smart meter, detailed feedback on usage, and time-of-use pricing reduced investment in energy efficiency projects.

While this unexpected development appears treated by the researchers as an embarrassment to be overcome, the result should be celebrated. Despite spending less on energy efficiency projects like insulating blankets on water heaters or extra attic insulation, treatment-group households still reduced power consumption both at peak and overall as compared to control-group households. Or, to put it the other way, control-group households spent more on energy efficiency projects and still consumed relatively more power than consumers provided with smart meters, feedback, and time-of-use pricing.

Or, to sum it up more pointedly, giving consumers better information and better incentives helps consumers avoid wasting money on feel-good energy efficiency projects.

Citation: McCoy, Daire, and Sean Lyons…

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The great Brexit devaluation mystery


A James Alexander post

Simon Wren-Lewis has an interesting post, Brexit harm denial and the exchange rate, where he discusses some popular notions about the great British devaluation after the Brexit vote.

I have already discussed it here and explained that part is a pessimistic reading of the future trade deals that the UK might strike. If you are pessimistic then fair enough. But this is not really about economics but futurology.

For a more optimistic, but very realistic understanding of the issues involved in trade deals Dr Richard North and his colleagues at EUReferendum have an excellent blog and series of monographs on Brexit, or Flexcit as they call it.

Wren-Lewis who, as far as I can tell, has never written a blog post on the economics of wealth creation out of the hundreds that he has posted, is not a great guide to the workings of the…

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Declassified JCS report shows U.S. invaded Iraq based on flimsy evidence of Iraqi WMDs

Consortium of Defense Analysts

The Iraq War was a protracted armed conflict that began with the invasion of Iraq on March 20, 2003, 1½ years after the traumatic 9/11 attacks, by a U.S.-led coalition.

The invasion began with a “shock and awe” bombing campaign. Iraqi forces were quickly overwhelmed as U.S. forces swept through the country. The invasion led to the collapse of the Ba’athist government of Saddam Hussein, who was captured in December 2003 and executed by a military court three years later.

But the war continued for much of the next decade as an insurgency emerged to oppose the occupying forces and the post-invasion Iraqi government. Worse still, Saddam’s former military officers morphed into ISIS, which became the Islamic State. (See Blowback: ISIS leaders are former officers of Saddam Hussein’s army”) After officially withdrawing from Iraq in 2011, the United States became re-involved in 2014 as the Iraqi government proved itself unable to…

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