David Leyonhjelm on ‘closing the gap’


How Subsidised Wind Power Destroyed South Australia’s Once Reliable & Affordable Power Supply

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What subsidised wind power can do for your town. *** Another day, another total wind power output collapse, another statewide blackout. Sure the political spin doctors called it ‘load shedding’, but for the 90,000…

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Apparently, attacks on a religion are racist now unless you are an Irish Catholic

Source: Petition · ABC network : Q&A and ABC apologise to Muslim community for breaching its ABC values · Change.org.

Trump and Muldoon

croaking cassandra

Over the last few days, a couple of local commentators (here and here) have been drawing parallels between Donald Trump and our own former Prime Minister, Sir Robert Muldoon.  I commented on one of those pieces, somewhat sceptically, and didn’t give it much more thought.    But yesterday Tyler Cowen devoted his Bloomberg column  to attempting to make exactly the same comparison, which prompted me to think about the case more carefully.

What would you think of a Western democratic leader who was populist, obsessed with the balance of trade, especially effective on television, feisty and combative with the press, and able to take over his country’s right-wing party and swing it in a more interventionist direction?

Meet Robert Muldoon, prime minister of New Zealand from 1975 to 1984. For all the comparisons of President Donald Trump to Mussolini or various unsavory Latin American leaders, Muldoon is a…

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