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History Buffs: Apollo 13


Options for an English Parliament: lessons from existing decentralised states

The Constitution Unit Blog


Last year the Constitution Unit began work on a project exploring the options for an English Parliament. As part of this research we are examining arrangements in other decentralised states, particularly those which are federal, to draw out lessons for the design of political institutions were an English Parliament to be established. Jack Sheldon and Meg Russell summarise some early findings.

Last autumn we began work on a research project exploring the options for an English Parliament. As outlined in a previous blog post, calls for an English Parliament have long existed, but frequently been dismissed by academics and mainstream politicians. However, in recent years the salience of questions concerning England’s constitutional status has increased and as a result the idea has gained new supporters. Despite this no detailed analysis of the design options for an English Parliament – including key questions such as its possible powers, structure and…

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Englishman Found Criminally Guilty In Swallowing of Gold Fish


The line between cruelty and cuisine can at times be a bit hard to discern.  We have previously discussed whether swallowing live gold fish (or even selling gold fish) is an act of criminal cruelty.  Now a man, Daniel Challis, 24, has been found guilty of causing suffering to a fish after posting a video of his swallowing the fish on a dare.

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ASIO memo on Germaine Greer from 1971

Hatful of History

I am currently putting together a work-in-progress paper on ASIO’s monitoring of the women’s liberation movement in Australia for an upcoming symposium hosted by the ANU Gender Institute, ‘How the Personal Became Political: Reassessing Australia’s Revolutions in Gender and Sexuality in the 1970s’. As part of the several ASIO on the WLM that have been digitised, I found this memo on prominent feminist Germaine Greer, written up in response to an article by Richard Neville (of Oz magazine fame) and possible inquiry from the UK security services.


Alongside this memo, there is a facsimile of Greer’s passport renewal application from the UK, when she was at the University of Warwick. The memo also notes her notoriety in the UK at the time and inquires to her ‘security history’ in Australia. Looking at the records of the National Archives of Australia, no ASIO files regarding Greer as individual have…

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Senator Richard Di Natale on The Australian Vaccination Network

The Logical Place

Dr. Richard Di Natale (born 6 June 1970) is an Australian Senator and leader of the parliamentary caucus of the Australian Greens party. Di Natale is a former medical practitioner, and was elected to the Australian Senate in the 2010 Australian federal election.

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More on Curry’s climate model study saying they are ‘not useful as projections for how the 21st century will actually evolve.’

Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Larry Hamlin

The new climate model study by Dr. Curry addressed in the February 21 WUWT article provides some very powerful conclusions regarding the unsuitability of using climate models for purposes of projecting future global climate behavior.


In the Executive Summary of this study Dr. Curry delivers the bottom line on the unsuitability of climate models for use in addressing future global climate behavior by noting:

“The climate model simulation results for the 21st century reported by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) do not include key elements of climate variability, and hence are not useful as projections for how the 21st century will actually evolve.”

She further concludes that current climate models:

“are not fit for the purpose of attributing the causes of 20th century warming or for predicting global or regional climate change timescales of decades to centuries, with any high level of confidence.”

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