The Kinks — You Really Got Me [LIVE From Old The Whistle Test, April, 1977]


Mein Meth: German Arrested After Posting Hitler Toast

Germany has unique history. In 1950 it had to ban a Nazi party that had 12 seats in the Bundestag. That party was led by the Army major who was central to the 1944 attempted coup.

He was deceived into believing he had to arrest a whole bunch of people in Berlin then Gobbles and Hitler got on the phone to persuade him that it was a coup, and he led the counter coup arresting all the pro-coup leadership in Berlin.


imagesI have been a long critic of Germany’s criminal speech laws, including its long criminalization of Nazi symbols.  Now, Sven Pohl, 37, is facing charges in Germany for “heavy drug trafficking” after he triggered a raid due to his posting of a Nazi-themed breakfast.  The police arrived being found with massive quantities of methamphetamine and marijuana.

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Aggregate measures of well-being, England 1781-1850

Notes On Liberty

I went in the field of economic history after I discovered how much it was to properly measure living standards. The issue that always interested me was how to “capture” the multidimensional nature of living standards. After all, what weight should we give to an extra year of life relative to the quality of that extra year (see all my stuff on Cuba)?

However, I never tried to create “a composite” measure of living standards. I thought that it was necessary, first, to get the measurements right. However, I had been aware of the work of Leandro Prados de la Escosura who has been doing considerable work on this in order to create composite measures (Leandro also influenced me on my Cuba reasoning – see this article).

A year ago, I discovered the work of Daniel Gallardo Albarrán from the University of Groningen at the meeting of the Economic…

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