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What Have We Learned from Kim Jong Nam’s Death? Nothing We Didn’t Already Know

Robert Kelly --- Asian Security Blog

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This is a local re-post of an essay I wrote this week for the Lowy Institute. I wrote this, because I was getting tired of reading or hearing on TV about how this poor man’s excruciatingly painful death changed things. It did not. Quite the contrary. The assassination, along with the February rocket test, just reconfirmed, for the zillionith time, what we all already know – that North Korea is a lying, brutal, norm-less regime that has no compunction about violating international law (the missile test is prohibited by UN Security Council resolution) or releasing a hugely dangerous toxin (VX) in an open, heavily travelled public place.

So one again, because the US has a new president and South Korea will likely have one soon too, we hear that we must engage North Korea and all that. Honestly, I keep wondering how this is supposed to…

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Pre-loading and heavy drinking are not synonymous

The Sand Pit

Here’s a tale of two headlines:


The above is from an interview with Duncan Garner on the AM show and the below by Michael Daly from Fairfax, talking about the same report.


A bizarre interview with Dr Nicki Jackson on the AM show

Yesterday Alcohol Healthwatch’s Dr Nicki Jackson was on the AM show to talk about a recent study on pre-loading behaviour, heavy drinking and drink prices.

Watch the video. No really, this one’s worth watching just to observe how quickly the interview veers off track from the evidence found in the study, to random policy recommendations that have nothing to do with the study’s findings.

I’m using the term ‘interview’ loosely here. More accurately, it was a pleasant conversation between two like-minded individuals affirming each other’s pre-conceived beliefs.

The interview was based on a study that compared the drinking behaviour of 25 different countries including NZ. Well,  kind of…

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