Day: March 17, 2017

The Paris Climate Agreement Won’t Change the Climate


Historically some of the truly radical innovations in finance have come from criminal enterprises…

Mostly Economics

Prof JR Varma has a blog post which debates Uberisation of finance. They key idea here is whether innovations in finance can/should be ahead of regulation. Moreover, should regulation kill or allow innovation?

He quotes from a paper by Pollman and Barry in regulatory arbitrage. The business is done under the assumption that law shall be changed in their favor overtime. In finance we are seeing a surge in technology which also relies on regulatory arbitrage. So, how do we think this will pan out?

Prof Varma points firstly current finance players are fairly tech savvy and know the game. Second and more interestingly is this thing that historically most finance innovations come from criminal enterprise itself!

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Defenders of the NZSF

croaking cassandra

After the flurry of coverage a couple of weeks ago over the remuneration of Adrian Orr, chief executive of the New Zealand Superannuation Fund, debate seems to have turned towards the more substantive issues around the role of the Fund.   The chief executive has been out, in his usual feisty and rather opportunistic style, defending the Fund, advocating for it to be given more money to invest and so on.   One could reasonably question whether the latter in particular is the role of a public servant.  His job, surely, is to invest the money the government has chosen, under the terms of the legislation, to place with NZSF.    Wisely, in my view, no more money has been placed with Fund since 2009 (although even then I thought it was shame the government didn’t simply wind up the Fund).  But this is now an election campaign issue, with the Labour Party vocally…

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Five Ninth Circuit Judges File Rare Dissent Rebuking The Panel In Immigration Ruling

The dissenters are a surprisingly detailed and effective debunking of the temporary injunctions


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Green Policy Drama: Political Clash at a Federal News Conference

Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

High Drama in Australian Green Politics – The Premier of the failed energy state of South Australia has publicly clashed with Federal Energy and Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg at a joint news conference, accusing the Federal minister to his face of being part of the most “anti” South Australian government in living memory.

Watch SA Premier Jay Weatherill shirtfront Josh Frydenberg over energy policy

By political reporter Jane Norman

Federal Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg and South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill have clashed during a bizarre press conference that descended into a slanging match over energy policy.

The Federal Government has been relentlessly attacking South Australia’s approach to energy and its over-reliance on renewable sources, since last year’s state-wide black out.

Mr Weatherill this week announced a half-a-billion dollar plan to shore up the state’s fragile power supply, which was dismissed as a “$550 million admission…

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