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The changing marriage market in East Asia..

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A fascinating paper by Daiji Kawaguchi (Hitotsubashi University) and Soohyung Lee (University of Maryland) (HT: Al Roth Blog). It is always exciting to read papers which give an economic perspective to basic human activities like marriage (thanks to Gary Becker).

It seems there is an increase in foreign brides in countries like Korea and Japan. These brides are usually coming from countries like Vietnam and Philippines.

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How much is Working for Families per year?

The last Labour Government so hated tax cuts that it would not call its family tax credit a family tax credit. For those on the minimum wage, it could increase your income by 1/3rd. Oddly enough, because of abatement rates of 22.5% after $36,000, two minimum wage earners do not get much at all.

working for families