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Guest Post: A. Little Bit of Trump


An immigration policy that is economically harmful and electorally flawed

For someone who is  known derogatorily as Angry Andy, the leader of the opposition was beaming with delight as he announced his plan to reduce immigration by 50,000 a year if elected Prime Minister. It’s hard to comprehend why a politician, especially one of a left wing party could be so happy about cutting immigration. Little has alienated almost every ethnic minority and liberal in this country, while spouting lies about the economic impact of immigration. His supporters argue it will win the infamous “Middle New Zealand”, but Little has missed the point of how to appeal to them as well.

The Boring Economics Bit

Latte swilling Wellington lefties like myself tend to pretend that there are no problems with our system of immigration. That the system is never exploited or the wrong people are never let in. Worst…

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