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10 Secret Countries You Probably Haven’t Heard 


The HuffPo’s ultimate Doublespeak: Muslim women are the true feminists

Why Evolution Is True

I about dropped my coffee when I saw the title of this article in PuffHo (The Official Journal of Regressive Leftism™); you can read it, if you have the stomach, by clicking on the screenshot. It was written by a freelance author, Gabby Aossey, who doesn’t appear to have much of an Internet presence, but is described by HuffPo as “a twenty-two year old senior at the University of California, San Diego studying Communications and Middle Eastern Studies.”

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Muslims the “true feminists”? What does that mean? Aossey’s contention is twofold.

1.  Muslim women are feminists because, by covering themselves, they free themselves from the objectification of the “male gaze” (my terminology), allowing themselves to be judged wholly by their character and actions. Aossey contrasts this modesty with the blatant show of flesh presented by non-Muslim women, which constricts them by making them conform to societal standards of beauty that require revealing acres of tempting…

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Claire Lehmann on feminism’s new love for Islamic “modesty culture”

Why Evolution Is True

Claire Lehmann, editor of the true liberal website Quillette, made a 4-minute video on feminists’ growing celebration of Islamic “modesty culture”—a video that deserves wider airing. Yes, it’s put out by the right-wing site Rebel Media, but who else would sponsor and air a video like this?

Claire is in fact not at all a conservative, but a liberal in the classical mold. And it takes a classical liberal to make these simple points:

Wearing a headscarf is not an achievement. It is certainly not a feminist statement.”

And her point about hijabophiles wanting attention is right on the money. Something has gone awry with feminism when it fetishizes and worships a symbol of male oppression. If a true patriarchy exists, it is Islam.

See Claire’s other Rebel Media videos here.

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Appointing an Acting Governor: what the documents show

croaking cassandra

I had an email the other day suggesting that I should reduce my coverage of Reserve Bank issues.  No doubt the topic isn’t that interesting to that particular reader, but the main criterion for coverage here is what I’m interested in, and as I noted in response I’m interested in Reserve Bank issues, know something about them, and am fortunate to be much less constrained in what I can say than many other economists (often employed by entities the Reserve Bank regulates).   (As it happens, for any Wellington readers interested in monetary policy issues, I will be speaking briefly as a discussant responding to a presentation by Grant Robertson at Victoria University next Monday lunchtime.)

Which is by way of introducing a post which may not be of great interest to some readers.

For much of the time this blog has been running I had been pointing out, every few months…

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The gender wage gap is an entrepreneurial opportunity