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Why mitigating CO2 emissions is cost-ineffective

Watts Up With That?

By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley

A couple of weeks ago I appeared before the California State Assembly and told legislators that the cost of the State’s cap-and-trade legislation, which comes into full effect in August this year, will be $450 billion over a decade.

This was a deliberate underestimate. I bent over backward to see whether the Californian proposal could ever make any economic sense. The results, when I ran them through my simple model, confirmed what many have long suspected but few have calculated until now: that attempting to mitigate our sins of emission is one of the most cost-ineffective wastes of taxpayers’ money ever devised.

I had multiplied the $182-billion annual cost of California’s scheme and associated mitigation measures not by 10 but by 2.5 – a quarter of the true gross cost over a decade. The reason for effectively dividing the stated costs of California’s mitigation policies…

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Report Reveals £300 Billion Cost Of Britain’s Climate Change Act

Watts Up With That?

Peter Lilley MP: ‘Rising costs borne disproportionately by the less well off, the elderly and the vulnerable’

London, 11 December: A new report published today by the Global Warming Policy Foundation reveals the extraordinary £319 billion cost of Britain’s Climate Change Act.

The report, which is based entirely on official figures, exposes the mischievous attempts by ministers to try and disguise the true cost to households.

“Britain has been gulled by false assurances that decarbonising our economy would be costless into signing up to a stupendous bill of over £300 billion up to 2030,” said Peter Lilley MP, the study’s author and one of the few Members of Parliament who voted against the Act back in 2008.

“Hardly anyone in Westminster is aware of this even though it is more than double the cost of HS2, Heathrow and Hinckley put together. Yet so far it has not reduced our ‘carbon…

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Communist Restaurant Closes After Customers Get Tired of Waiting in Lines

There’s an old joke (or perhaps “observation” is a better word) that if socialists understood economics, there wouldn’t be any socialists.

But who can blame them for trying? There’s no better way to prove your philosophy than by living it, and capitalists have been proving their system works by starting their own businesses. Meanwhile, you’re more likely to find a socialist asking what kind of milk you want with your latte than running a business, but that was going to change when a group of socialists opened up a restaurant in Grand Rapids, Michigan, governing the business with their socialist ideals.

The restaurant originally named “Bartertown” was a collective, meaning the business was employee-owned. They owned the “means of production” in other words, there are no bosses. All workers received equal pay and had an equal share in decisions made for the business. Waiters didn’t receive tips either, because what…

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Examining the ‘Gender Wage Gap’ Among Similar Men and Women.

Today is Equal Pay Day, the symbolic day dedicated to raising awareness of the “gender pay gap.”

On this day, the statistic that women make 77 cents for every dollar a man earns is repeated all over the media and throughout government. It is often taken at face value that this statistical disparity alone is entirely the result of discrimination against women.

“Why is it that I make much less than a man for the same amount of work?,” many women have openly inquired on social media and elsewhere.

But the famous 77 cents statistic only looks at the median wage for women relative to the median wage for men. It ignores many other variables, such as occupation, education, experience, etc. It therefor does not tell us anything about whether comparable men and women are being compensated equally. 

Going for a more “apples to apples” comparison, a number of studies have examined…

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Friends of Science Calgary

Contributed by Robert Lyman © 2017

Robert Lyman will be one of our special guest speakers at the May 9th, 2017 “Climate Dogma Exposed” event at the Red and White Club, McMahon Stadium, Calgary.  Information and Tickets at http://www.friendsofscience.org or EventBrite.

At a recent conference in Calgary, Steve Kronin, a former under secretary in the U.S. Department of Energy and a New York University professor, predicted that electric vehicles will make up 50 percent of the vehicles on the road by 2050 and that this will pose a threat to the oil industry because of its dampening effect on fuel demand.

Kronin’s remarks echo those of many advocates for electric vehicles who enjoy speculating about the future. Their objective, perhaps, is to reinforce the thesis that there will be an easy and inevitable transition to a “decarbonized” world economy.

Let us, instead, examine the facts and draw our conclusions from them.

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The United States Should Stay Out of Syria

International Liberty

You would think the never-ending mess in Afghanistan would have taught us lessons.

Or maybe we might have learned lessons from the never-ending mess in Iraq.

Notwithstanding those unpleasant experiences, President Trump is expanding America’s intervention in Syria with missile strikes.

This rubs me the wrong way, but let’s look at what others are writing on this issue.

One of my colleagues at the Cato Institute, Gene Healy, isn’t impressed by Trump’s intervention.

Thus far, the administration has said nothing about the legal authority for the strikes. There’s not much that can be said: they’re plainly illegal. He had neither statutory nor constitutional authority to order them. …Without statutory cover, all that’s left is an appeal to presidential power under Article II of the Constitution. But that document vests the bulk of the military powers it grants in Congress, with the aim of “clogging, rather than facilitating war,” as George…

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