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Ed Hoskins: Capital Cost and Production Effectiveness of Renewable Energy in Europe – the Data

Tallbloke's Talkshop

Guest post from Ed Hoskins
A comparison of both the Capital Cost and Energy Production Effectiveness of the Renewable Energy in Europe.

The diagrams and table below collate the cost and capacity factors of Renewable Energy power sources, Onshore and Off-shore Wind Farms and Large scale Photovoltaic Solar generation, compared to the cost and output capacity of conventional Gas Fired Electricity generation.

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 08.16.07

The associated base data is shown below:

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Carpetbaggers: American NGO Activists in Brussels

The Risk-Monger

The life of an environmental activist in Washington is pretty tough. The US government does not give her millions of dollars to hold secret meetings. The risk-based regulatory process means she has to produce evidence to get anyone to listen to her. The legislators are actually elected and accountable to real people (not the PR-concocted “Us”). The public are concerned about jobs and growth, not idealism and manufactured fears. Precaution is a normal human reaction and not an artificial policy tool for opportunists without integrity. Add a pro-business narcissist in the White House and I can understand why American activists are angry all the time.

Fortunately, there are greener pastures for American activists in Brussels.

In Brussels these activists can take their emotion-laden campaigns into a hazard-based regulatory environment where precaution is the policy impulse and fear-mongerers are welcome at the table. So if you were an American flush with…

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Shock, horror! Chinese government statistics are unreliable

My Chinese friends at a Japanese university in 1995 must have been born in the 1970s at the height of the one child policy but always had a younger brother if the first child was female.

The way to tell whether the Chinese student was the daughter of a party member was to ask if they had any brothers or sisters.

Pakistani Student Mob Beats Fellow Student To Death For Blasphemy On Social Media


Pakistan continues to remind the West that it remains a country struggling with Islamic extremists — encouraged by the country’s lack of separation between mosque and state.  The latest victim of such extremism is a college student named Mashal Khan who was accused of merely sharing a message on social media deemed blasphemous.  The response of these self-professed godly men in the northern city of Mardan was to beat the victim to death in the name of Islamic morality. What is even more distressing is that the culprits appear to be fellow students.  They no doubt learned this particular lesson from the government itself (and our ally) which still makes blasphemy a capital offense.

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Another Reminder that the United States Should Not Become a European-Style Welfare State

International Liberty

One of the more surreal aspects of the 2016 campaign was watching Bernie Sanders argue that the United States should become more like a European welfare state.

Was he not aware that Europe had major problems such as high unemployment and a fiscal crisis?

Didn’t he know that America’s economy was growing faster (which is a damning indictment since growth in the U.S. was relatively anemic during the Obama years)?

Perhaps more important, didn’t he know that Americans enjoy much higher living standards than their European counterparts? Was he not aware that European nations, if they were part of America, would be considered poor states?

If you don’t believe me, here’s a chart I prepared using the “average individual consumption” data from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. These are the numbers that measure the material well-being of households. As you can see, the United States is…

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