Renewable Chaos Shock Treatment: Australia’s Politicians Panic at Threat of Looming Blackouts


Australia’s self-inflicted energy ‘crisis’ is the consequence of considered and deliberate action that promoted weather dependent wind power and time-dependent solar power at the expense of the secure, reliable and affordable stuff.

As the political panic spreads, it’s quite apparent, that those who created the disaster have almost no idea how resolve it.

The PM, Malcolm Turnbull’s National Energy Guarantee (NEG) has no hope of reducing crippling power prices, and is all about attempting to restore stability to an ailing electricity grid.

With the help of JoNova, we’ll go back in time a week or two, to recount the moment when Australia’s political betters recognised just how serious Australia’s power crisis is.

Politicians “shocked” at the power crisis waiting in the Australian electricity grid
Jo Nova Blog
Jo Nova
19 October 2017

Did some politicans just wake up? The news today is that our Energy Minister may realize Australia is…

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One thought on “Renewable Chaos Shock Treatment: Australia’s Politicians Panic at Threat of Looming Blackouts

  1. nottrampis

    This is a crackpot blog. If coal was the answer then why are not the private players trying to develop coal plants? Has this person even read the expurgated Finkel report. I very much doubt it.



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