Bundesbank to study the tricky history of German central banking during Nazi period…

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Interesting bit and one is already looking forward to read the findings of this monetary history project:

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Menendez Case Goes To Jury . . . Jurors Sends Out Question “What Is A Senator?”


220px-The_Jury_by_John_MorganOk, maybe counsel over shot the jury a bit in the trial of Senator Robert Menendez. The Senator is facing allegations of bribes from Florida eye doctor Salomon Melgen ranging from luxury vacations to luxury flights to campaign contributions.   After presenting a fairly complex case of gifts, influence peddling, and nuanced criminal standards, a question can back from the jury.  The juror asked the judge “what is a senator?”

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Bill MacLeod: A Personal Reflection on Fred McChesney


Truth on the Market

William C. MacLeod is a partner at Kelley, Drye & Warren LLP, where he chairs the firm’s Antitrust and Competition practice group. He is a former director of the Bureau of Consumer Protection at the FTC.

It is only with hindsight that we can appreciate the naïveté of conventional wisdom. In 1970, when Fred McChesney left Holy Cross College, serious economists were advocating the dismantling of large American companies, supposedly because they had grown too large to compete effectively.  Regulations were multiplying, as were the bureaucracies Congress created to impose them. OSHA, EPA, CPSC, to name a few, were reordering behavior from the factory floor to the family room. A Republican president outdid them all with an executive order freezing wages and prices across the economy, divorcing the dollar from the gold standard, and taxing imports to protect US producers. These measures met the acclaim of the intelligentsia and the…

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