Derigging: Former DNC Chair Denies She Ever Said Primary Was Rigged Despite Book Allegation


220px-donna_brazile_1Donna Brazile’s disclosure of an agreement between the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton Campaign has recreated a firestorm in confirming widely held views that the primary was rigged to guaranty Clinton the nomination.  Even before the disclosure, many of us had reached that conclusion after debates schedules and other conditions during the primary seemed to uniformly favor Clinton.  Brazile however is now insisting that she never said the primary was “rigged,” though she stands by her disclosure of the agreement as well as her statement that the Clinton campaign was “cult-like.” It was a classic Brazile moment — reminiscent of her prior false statements to the media about leaking questions to Clinton before the debate and even suggesting that her emails were altered. Now Brazile is caught in her own Clintonian “meaning of is” distinction on what she wrote in her book.

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2 thoughts on “Derigging: Former DNC Chair Denies She Ever Said Primary Was Rigged Despite Book Allegation

  1. nottrampis

    How in the hell do you rig primaries. do you ensure a lot of people cannot vote?

    It makes no sense at all. It cannot be done!



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