Poison Gas Warfare In WW1 despite 1899 treaty banning chemical weapons


The Environment: A True Story

Green Jihad

A comparison of climate alarmist claims about man-made global warming with widely accepted scientific facts about the past history and current condition of the Earth. The host is Dr. John Robson who is a Canadian journalist and historian who writes for National Post.

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The Most Depressing Chart about Japan

International Liberty

I’m currently in Tokyo for an Innovation Summit. Perhaps because I once referred to Japan as a basket case, I’ve been asked to speak about policies that are needed to boost the nation’s competitiveness.

That sounds like an easy topic since I can simply explain that free markets and small government are the universal recipe for growth and prosperity.

But then I figured I should be more focused and look at some of Japan’s specific challenges. So I began to ponder whether I should talk about Japan’s high debt levels. Or perhaps the country’s repeated (and failed) attempts to stimulate the economy with Keynesianism. And Japan’s demographic crisis is also a very important issue.

But since I only have 20 minutes (not even counting Q&A), I don’t really have time for a detailed examination on any of those topics. So I was still uncertain of how best to…

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Episode review: Columbo Greenhouse Jungle

Watching at this moment. The first season is full of classics.

The Columbophile


If badly bewigged men bellowing in monotone for 75 minutes is your idea of a good time, you’re gonna LOVE Greenhouse Jungle!

Yes folks, Season 2’s second outing hit the airwaves on 15th October 1972, following hot on the heels of the uber-popular Etude in Black. A tough act to follow, perhaps, but with Ray Milland leading the supporting cast, and Peter Falk now owning every inch of the crumpled mac, anything seemed possible.

Is Greenhouse Jungle a pathetic African Violet, or a $1200 orchid? Read on and find out…

Columbo Greenhouse Jungle cast

Dramatis personae

Lieutenant Columbo: Peter Falk
Jarvis Goodland: Ray Milland
Sergeant Wilson: Bob Dishy
Tony Goodland: Bradford Dillman
Kathy Goodland: Sandra Smith
Ken Nichols: William Smith
Gloria: Arlene Martell
Directed by: Boris Sagal
Written by: Jonathan Latimer
Score by: Oliver Nelson

Episode synopsis – Columbo Greenhouse Jungle


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Tiny comparative advantage differences in the marital division of labour makes the gender pay gap inevitable

It was Gary Becker in his 1957 PhD which became The Economics of Discrimination mentioned that tiny differences in comparative advantage lead to large differences in the division of labour. He later observed that increasing returns from specialised human capital is a powerful driver of the division of labour.

Detroit Officers Posing As Drug Dealers Get Into Brawl With Detroit Officers Posing As Drug Buyers


downloadIt appears that crime is so low in Detroit that police are left trying to arrest each other.  On the East side of Detroit, the 12th Precinct sent in a team of special ops officers to pretend to be drug dealers.  At the same time, the 11th Precinct sent in officers pretending to a drug buyers. The rest will long be the subject of law enforcement legend.

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