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.@NZSuperFund still struggles to beat reference portfolio @TaxpayersUnion; 1.45% p.a. since inception


from https://www.nzsuperfund.co.nz/performance-investment/monthly-returns

Little wonder that no hedge fund headhunts from the New Zealand superannuation fund. Their staff turnover ratios are below 10% and often 5% and the CEO is paid a pittance by hedge fund standards.

5 Climate Change Predictions Proven Wrong

Green Jihad

Investors Business Daily has a very good editorial and video posted at their website. The write up was done in response to an opinion piece in The New York Times by Arizona State University faculty fellow Edward Fong titled: The Climate Crisis? It’s Capitalism Stupid The editorial says in part:

Free market economies have become far less carbon intensive over time. Data from the United Nations show that the U.S. emitted 62% less carbon for each dollar of GDP produced in 2014 than it did in 1990. In Hong Kong, which is ranked as having the most free economy, its carbon intensity dropped by 58% over those years.

What about more socialist countries? Communist China emits 86% more CO2 per dollar of GDP than does the U.S.; Russia emits 50% more.

Worldwide, carbon intensity has steadily dropped since 1990. Those were years when free market capitalism was spreading, and the…

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John Christy’s Testimony To Congress


By Paul Homewood


John Christy Testimony to Congress

I published the above graph a couple of weeks ago, to highlight how badly Prof Joanna Haigh of the Grantham Institute had misled listeners on BBC Today about the accuracy of climate models.

The graph came from Dr John Christy as part of his presentation to the US Congress in March 2017.

It is worth republishing his full testimony, which puts the graph into perspective.


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