Why Did We Fight the Korean War?

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Here’s military historian Victor Davis Hanson to explain, briefly. War is not the worst of things.

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Victor Davis Hanson’s “The Second World Wars”

American Elephants

Enlarge this one, and watch the whole thing. Victor Davis Hanson explains World War Two in ways that you have never heard before, that makes the whole thing more understandable, and more real. The mistakes, the misunderstandings, the abilities of some and the lack of ability of other. A masterful approach.

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Flipping Flynn: The Real and Imagined Damage For A Mueller Deal



Since the appointment of the Special Counsel in the Russian investigation, former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn has been the most obvious target for not simply a criminal charge but a possible prosecutorial deal.  The news that Flynn is no longer sharing information under the prior joint defense agreement with Trump figures could prove significant . . . or not.  Such a change would occur even with a non-cooperation plea agreement.  Nevertheless, it could be an effort of Flynn to strike a deal on a deal for himself and his son in exchange for cooperation.

While it did not attract the same attention, another notable development was the cooperation agreement reached with Reza Zarrab, a Turkish businessman accused of violating U.S. sanctions on Iran.  His cooperation could have magnified the pressure on Flynn, whose greatest exposure appears to be his Turkish as opposed to his Russian dealings.

Here it the…

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The Classic – You’re So Vain – Carly Simon

Break-ups songs was the old-fashioned way in which musicians stalk their ex-boyfriends and exgirlfriends.

In this case, the stalking has been going on since 1971 W because Carly’s Simon still will not reveal which of Warren Beatty and some record executive was the topic of song. As a whole lot of hatred going on there.

The Inquiring Mind

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Can extreme poverty ever be eradicated? | The Economist didn’t mention spread of capitalism, globalisation and deregulation

If You Want To Understand Why Obama’s Tax Agenda Is Bad for Workers, this Picture Says a Thousand Words

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A good tax system (like the flat tax) does not impose extra layers of tax on income that is saved and invested.

I’ve tried to emphasize this point with a flowchart, and I’ve defended so-called trickle-down economics, which is nothing more than the common-sense notion that investment boosts wages for workers by making them more productive.

But if you doubt this relationship, just take a look at this chart posted by Steve Landsburg.

(H/T: Cafe Hayek)

That’s an amazingly powerful relationship. Wages for workers are very much tied to the amount of capital that’s invested. In other words, capitalists are the best friends of workers.

Something to think about with the President proposing big increases in the double taxation of capital gains. And something to consider since he wants America to have the highest level of dividend double taxation in the industrialized world.

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