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Robin Williams Biography: The Darkness Behind the Light


Half of Hollywood now claims to not have understood this joke

I did not know about Harvey Weinstein is not a wise thing to say in an industry that lives on gossip.


Why did @SenSanders lie about the Canadian healthcare system?

Canadians report the longest waits of patients in 11 countries.

  • 1 out of 5 Canadians reported waiting 7 or more days to see a family doctor the last time they needed medical attention.
  • 1 out of 3 Canadians reported waiting 4 or more hours the last time they went to the emergency department.
  • 1 of out 2 Canadians reported waiting 4 or more weeks to see a specialist.

changing role of women, illustrated by the stories of three generations of women of my family

lijia zhang's blog

In the end of last month, I was invited to give a paper on women at a seminar organized by the Italian cultural section in Beijing. Since I was in Nanjing with my sick father, my elder daughter May read my essay on my behalf. Apparently she did a stunning job. bebelow is the piece.

Chinese Women between Past and Future

By Lijia Zhang

My grandmother was a prostitute-turned concubine, my mother a frustrated factory worker and myself a rocket factory girl turned-international writer. Today I am going to tell you the stories of these three women in my family, to illustrate the changing role of women in Chinese society. I am always hugely interested in women’s issues and have written many stories on the subject because I believe women’s position and the attitude towards them, tell you a lot about a society.

As in many parts of the world…

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My Review of Leslie Chang’s “Factory Girls”

Just in case you missed the greatest mass migration in history and along with that the greatest liberation of women in Chinese history.

lijia zhang's blog

I reviewed Leslie’s book as part of cover story for an Italian magazine East.

A Story of Modern China
Review of The Factory Girls
By Lijia Zhang

Under Chairman Mao, the farmers were chained to their land. Deng Xiaopeng’s economic reforms have allowed them to leave their poor villages to come to the city to look for work and a better life. The result is the largest migration in human history. Now, there are about 250 millions migrant workers (the book, published in 2008, quotes 130 million) – or nongmingong, virtually, peasant workers. They have built the highways and taller and taller buildings; they’ve taken over the worst and dirtiest jobs in the city; they manufacture a large percent of goods consumed by people around the globe. Their hard and cheap labour has fuelled China’s economy. They are the unsung heroes of the so-called “economic miracles”.
Since I came from…

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