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Spread the warmth this Christmas

Tallbloke's Talkshop

The Paris Climate Treaty, the UK Climate Change Act, the US CO2 endangerment finding. These misconceived policies decided on by scientifically ignorant and socially cocooned politicians KILL people. Far more people die of cold and cold related illnesses than suffer from heat-stroke. As the effects of these policies bite harder on personal finances, we need to look after those vulnerable people in our communities who cannot afford to heat their homes, or don’t even have a home to heat.

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Problems with the dominant (neoliberal) understandings of and responses to poverty according to Massey’s Ending Poverty and Inequality research cluster

Inuit leader lashes out at greens over tribal polar bear hunting

Green Jihad

Sea Legacy, the group behind the now infamous video of the starving polar bear, was not only criticized for not intervening to help the struggling creature. But one of Sea Legacy’s leaders made factually untrue and racist claims about native polar bear hunting, the Canadian Inuit tribe alleges.

In an email sent Tuesday by SeaLegacy co-founder Cristina Mittermeier told the show hosts of the Canadian Broadcasting Company‘s show As It Happens:

Inuit people make a lot of money from polar bear trophy hunting. Of course it is in their best interest to say that polar bears are happy and healthy and that climate change is a joke, because otherwise their quota might be reduced.

While Mittermeier later apologized for her remarks, as it turns out, the emaciated polar bear was filmed near Baffin Island in Nunavut. The bear was pitched as the face of climate change by American and…

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College Presidents Declare There Is No Protection For “Disingenuous Misrepresentation Of Free Speech.”


Freedom_of_SpeechI previously praised the position of my alma mater, The University of Chicago, in refusing to limit free speech with the creation of safe spaces and speech codes. Indeed, the courageous position of UChicago stood in sharp contrast to the troubling position of my other alma mater, Northwestern University (which has only grown more hostile to both free speech and academic freedom).   Now, Northwest Vista College president Ric Baser has declared himself squarely on the speech regulation side of academia with a chilling rejection of a broad array of speech as hate speech, including words that “spread” or “provoke” or “create” “animosity and hostility.”  Baser’s San Antonio Express-News op-ed  titled “Hate speech does not equal free speech shows not only a disturbing lack of understanding of constitutionally protected speech but an intolerance for the speech of those with which he disagrees.  Baser’s disturbing comments are part of a letter…

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Rediscovering Friedman’s Capitalism and Freedom

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Peter Lewin reminds how Friedman questioned JFK’s famous words against all odds:

I first read the following paragraph as a nerdy college student sometime between 1966 and 1968:  

In a much quoted passage in his inaugural address, President Kennedy said, ‘Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.’ It is a striking sign of the temper of our times that the controversy about this passage centered on its origin and not on its content. Neither half of the statement expresses a relation between citizen and his government that is worthy of the ideals of free men in a free society.”

This is the first paragraph of chapter one of Milton Friedman’s classic little book Capitalism and Freedom (C&F), first published by the University of Chicago Press in 1962, and since republished numerous times unaltered. The italics are mine.

I credit this book, more…

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