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Left still claims some Americans & Canadians are poorer than poor Indians!? China has many more wretchedly poor than India!

Source: The World Inequality Report 2018.


Social Justice is the Death Knell of Comedy



It’s a point that’s been made by comedians and cultural commentators alike, but it bears repeating: #SocialJustice isthe death knell of comedy. Over the years, the increasing encroachment of political correctness in the pop culture sphere has been assailed by everyone from George Carlin to John Cleese. And rightfully so. To befair,neo-Marxist, postmodern PC culture is destroying pretty much everything that’s beautiful, ennoblingand fun, but the toll it’s exacting on the realms of pop culture and entertainment that I always considered sacrosanct zones of unfettered creativity cannot be gainsaid. Comedy will alwaysbe judged based on subjective tastes and preferences, butwe can distinguish a few core principles whichmake comedy funny. Moreover, it’s important to draw these distinctionsbecause thegoals of the neo-Marxist Left are completely at odds with making actual comedy.

Comedy is an essential art form because it provides a necessary escape valve from thepressure cooker of daily life. Whendone…

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Climate change policies kill the most vulnerable

Green Jihad

Since Christmas Eve is tomorrow, this video reveals the blunt truth about the destructive effects of basing policies on studies that conclude human activity is the cause of climate change. It is the poor and elderly who bear the biggest brunt of skyrocketing energy costs resulting from attempting to replace fossil fuels with so-called clean or green energy sources or enacting carbon controls.

Like the below video points out, the effects of climate policies like being used in some parts of Europe and in states, like California, result in prohibitively expensive energy bills for poor and elderly people. The very people the Left claims they want to help are forced to choose between taking into account the cost of their energy bill and keeping warm.

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