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Fair summary for the worry prone


Churchill Biopic Features Warning Against Second Hard Smoke


C6Many of us are excited to see the new biopic “Darkest Hour” on the towering historical figure of Winston Churchill.  What is less welcomed is a truly ridiculous warning added to the move that “the depictions of tobacco smoking are based solely on artistic consideration.”   It is not even clear what smoking “based solely on artistic consideration” means but is clearly meant as a gesture to those who would immediately run from the film in shock at the scene of a twentieth century leader smoking.  It turns out that while, “History is written by the victors,” it is rewritten by cringing Hollywood producers.

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Plenty of Fat and Waste to Cut at the United Nations, Part I

International Liberty

I expressed approval when Trump proposed to reduce U.S. funding for international bureaucracies, mostly because of my disdain for the statist policy agenda of the International Monetary Fund and Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

Sadly, there’s has not been much follow-through by the White House, and it looks like Congress isn’t going to cut either the funding or the authority of these bloated institutions. And that means they will continue to advocate for class-warfare tax policy and bigger government.

But, as reported by AFP, some seeds were planted early in the year that may eventually save money for taxpayers.

…a draft executive order…prepared at the White House could deprive the United Nations of billions of dollars in US financial support. The United States is by far the UN’s biggest financial contributor, providing 22 percent of its operating budget and funding 28 percent of peacekeeping missions, which…

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Understanding the 1914 Christmas Truce

Simon Jones Historian

Q 11718

They say they are not going to fire again if we don’t but of course we must and shall do, but it doesn’t seem right to be killing each other at Xmas time. [1]

At Christmas 1914, hundreds of soldiers stopped fighting one another, left their trenches and shook hands in no man’s land. For several days, even weeks, they fired barely a shot, help bury one another’s dead, and even played football together. The 1914 Christmas Truce is felt to typify the attitudes of the men in the trenches who, in contrast to those behind the lines, did not hate their enemies and did not want to fight them. Why is this utterly atypical event believed to give a truer picture of the attitude of the soldiers in the trenches than the four years spent in remorseless, brutal conflict?  It is not difficult to understand the appeal of the…

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PETA continues to terrorize Yale scientist

Green Jihad

Back in August, People for the Extortion, Torture and Abuse of human beings (PETA) targeted a Yale graduate student, now Dr. Christine Lattin, for harassment due to experiments she was conducting for post doctoral research on songbirds.

According to her website, Dr. Lattin states that her research seeks to clarify how neuroendocrine systems help organisms respond appropriately to their ever-changing environments.

Upon PETA learning of her research, it was all downhill for there. The group quickly sprung into action by producing a video condemning Dr. Lattin work and even accused her of torturing songbirds in cruel experiments.

Shortly after PETA’s clarion call, other animal rights activists and sympathizers joined in, calling not only for Dr. Lattin to be fired but also murdered. Since PETA started their campaign, the scientist has been subject to continuous protests and hate mail.

Not only have there been protests outside the facility…

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