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Brutal Realities about Prison in Japan


We have discussed at length some of the brutal realities of being arrested in Japan, and going through the initial legal process.  This is a look at what happens once someone is convicted and transported to prison. Specifically, we are looking at Fuchu Prison located in a suburb of Tokyo.

Fuchu prison, is the location where the majority of foreign offenders find themselves doing time in Japan.  It’s notoriously strict and besides the foreigners, with over 40 nationalities represented, it also houses various members of the Yakuza.  Notorious gangster Shinobu Tsukasa-kumicho did a 5-year sentence which ended in 2011, for violations of the swords and firearms law, at Fuchu prison. He also enjoyed a 13 year sentence in the 1970s for murdering a fellow gang member with a Samurai sword.

Japanese prison is notoriously strict, to the point of garnering condemnation from multiple human rights groups.  These…

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