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Why We May Not Be Able to Visit Space in the Future


Penn & Teller: Recycling is bullshit!

Green Jihad

We all like to recycle our garbage. Penn & Teller, however, demonstrate how we are fooling ourselves into believing recycling helps the environment.

Penn & Teller Bullshit! – (2-05) – 205 – Recycling from Raymond Sison on Vimeo.

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Heather MacDonald On the Universities and the Students

American Elephants

Heather MacDonald is an American political commentator, essayist, attorney and journalist. Wikipedia describes her as a “secular conservative” whatever that is. I guess that must be what I am as well. She is a fellow at the Manhattan Institute, a contributing editor to New York’s City Journal, and someone worth paying a lot of attention to. Her latest book is “The War on Cops” which is worth your time. She hangs around precincts a lot and knows whereof she speaks.

Naturally and unfortunately, the Left rejects whatever she says. Bill McGurn wrote a piece called “The Silencing of Heather MacDonald” for The Wall Street Journal.  You can find frequent essays of hers at City Journal.

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Another letter re Lorde and Israel

The Inquiring Mind


Pastor Nigel Woodley who leads the Flaxmere Christian Fellowship writes a letter concerning the withdrawal of Lorde from her proposed Tel Aviv concert.

Broadly, Adam shares the pastor’s sentiments especially re BDS, though is unlikely to share what he suspects are Mr Woodley’s evangelical beliefs.

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Life expectancy in Korea, Chile, Mexico and Brazil has skyrocketed