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Boston Judge Accepts Climate Necessity Defence, Dismisses Charges

Watts Up With That?

Karenna GoreKarenna Gore, daughter of former Vice President Al Gore

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Judge Mary Ann Driscoll has dismissed criminal charges against protestors including Al Gore’s daughter on the grounds that their actions were necessary to prevent climate change.

Judge sets aside charges in pipeline protest

Jordan Graham Thursday, March 29, 2018

The protesters, including , the daughter of former Vice President Al Gore, were facing charges of trespassing and disturbing the peace after climbing into a construction trench. On Tuesday, prosecutors asked a judge to convert the criminal charges into civil infractions, saying in the event of a conviction they were unlikely to ask for any further punishment. After allowing the motion, Judge Mary Ann Driscoll found the defendants not responsible, saying she agreed with their argument that their actions were necessary to combat climate change.

“Based on the very heartfelt expressions of the defendants…

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Could a sociologist please explain why crime is plummeting despite rising inequality

Infographics: The Risks of Helicopter Parenting

Michael Sandberg's Data Visualization Blog


This infographic was created by the folks at Yellowbrick, which details the consequences of the child-rearing trend of helicopter parenting.

Big Think has written many articles on this topic and they are not looking just to “helicopter the helicopter parents”, but stress the concern in shifts of how we raise our kids have resulted in a generation of young adults who lack critical thinking, self-reliance, and coping skills.

And that is not only a problem for the child when they become young adults; it is also a problem for everyone else who has to deal with their problems.

The infographic below will shed some light on all these elements, as well as offer a more basic crash course for those still unfamiliar with this troubling trend.


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