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Americans Try To Pronounce Traditional Irish Names


Guardian opposed US attack on Syria in 2013; Now says inaction led to more bloodshed. Fails to admit error.

Written by Aron White

The Observer (sister site of the Guardian, and part of the Guardian Media Group) often publishes editorials on the major issues of the day. These editorials contribute to national debate on a topic, so are especially deserving of analysis. In looking at some recent editorials on foreign policy, editors contradicted themselves in editorials on the same topic; in one case, the editorial line seems hypocritical, and in the other one, to be obfuscating the story.

The first editorial in question regards the war in Syria. This conflict has recently taken (another) turn for the worse, with the fighting in Eastern Ghoutta leading to terrible human suffering. The Observer editorial from February 25th slams the international community for its inaction over the crisis.“The past few days have witnessed a shambolic orgy of bickering and mudslinging at the UN security council,” says the article, further stating that…

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