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Media Give One-Sided Coverage On Wage Gap Study, Include No Critics

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By Julia A Seymour ~

For years, the liberal media have promoted erroneous claims that women are paid far less than men for the same jobs. So it was only natural, that many outlets would seize on the claims of a new study called “Women Can’t Win.”

That Georgetown University Center for Education and the Workforce (CEW) report alleged that “some of the patriarchy of the job market is being wiped away,” by women’s higher education attainment but “the gender wage gap is still far from closed. In the workplace, women are forced to play by a different set of rules than men.”

Liberal news outlets quickly parroted those claims and the “rules” for women., Marketwatch, ABC online, Money and Fortune all reported the study without any criticism or opposing views. “Is That All? Women Need An Extra Academic Degree to Achieve Equal Pay With Me,” the…

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Contrary to Robert Fisk’s claim, Israel did offer Arafat at least 95 percent of the West Bank

Among other words we could use to describe Robert Fisk, he’s clearly a curmudgeon, one who views the West’s foreign policy towards the Middle East as a “cynical charade” without ever offering readers any insight into how a more noble, principled stance would take form.  Though he’s the Independent’s Middle East ‘analyst’, he’s more of a professional cynic than a learned student of the region.  Moreover, though he feigns neutrality in his scathing attacks on political hypocrisy, his body of work clearly suggests that he sees some targets as more deserving of opprobrium than others.

His latest pieceat the Indy was putatively a critique of the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia’s visit to the UK, but his meandering style of writing – whatever the topic – allows him the freedom to settle scores on other, at best tangentially related, Middle East ‘iniquities’, and often leads to at least…

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