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Viva la Revolucion

it's thursday….

“I’m off to Cuba on Saturday” said my old mate Chinny; “I’ll send you back a poster of your hero Che Guevara, since you are too feeble to actually come with me, see Cuba for yourself and get your own poster.”

Harsh words from someone who is supposed to be a mate. Doesn’t he realise I have a golf game on Monday morning? I can’t just take off halfway around the world on a whim. I have responsibilities, I have commitments. Anyway Chinny wanted to know why I wanted a poster of a murdering terrorist. So that started the whole debate between us as to when a murdering terrorist is actually an heroic freedom fighter removing corruption and greed from the world by whatever means it takes..

The Che Guevara legend was born during the third movie of my favourite ever trilogy, The Godfather. Michael Corleone was in Cuba with…

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Book Review

A Blog on Winston Churchill

David Lloyd George was Winston Churchill’s friend, political partner and sometimes adversary, and one of the few figures whose accomplishments rivals Churchill’s own. In his long political career Lloyd George was a radical reformer who brought in the People’s Budget and defeated the House of Lords; a senior cabinet member in the first years of World War One; the prime minister who “won the war;” a drafter of the Treaty of Versailles which created the League of Nations, and the negotiator of the Irish treaty. Balanced against these accomplishments he was a virtual bigamist who cheated on both his wife and mistress and largely alienated his children; bore responsibility for the destruction of the Liberal Party; cynically took positions for political gain; failed to dominate the British generals and admirals during the war; traded honours (peerages, knighthoods) for cash for his personal fund; cheerfully met Hitler in 1936; and was…

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Middlebury College student paper apologizes for running photo of Charles Murray

You can’t make this stuff up. No one would believe you.

Why Evolution Is True

In March of last year, conservative political scientist Charles Murray spoke—or rather, tried to speak—at Middlebury College in Vermont. As you know, Murray was one of the authors of The Bell Curve, a book I still haven’t read but that has the reputation for pushing a hereditarian interpretation of the IQ difference between whites and blacks. I can’t speak to that assertion, but Murray wasn’t even going to come near that topic at Middlebury. Regardless, his co-authorship of the book, and its reputation, has been enough to demonize Murray for life among the Left. (I suspect that most of the students protesting hadn’t read Murray and Herrnstein’s book, but were just following the crowd). And, as always, once someone is invited through proper channels to talk at a college, I consider attempts to deplatform or disrupt them as violations of their free speech. College are, after all, places to…

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