Day: April 1, 2018

Will media report on investigation’s conclusion that Ibrahim Abu Thuraya was NOT killed by IDF snipers?

Here are some of the UK media headlines in late December accompanying articles about the death of Ibrahim Abu Thuraya during protests on the Gaza border over the US decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.





Though UK Media Watch was able to prompt corrections to the text of articles at the Independentand Daily Mailto at least add Israel’s initial official comments – which were available at the time of publication – expressing skepticism over the accusations, the headlines were indicative of the media’s overall rush to judgment against Israel, despite the paucity of evidence.

Even The Telegraph’s Raf Sanchez, among the more objective foreign journalists covering the region, wrote, as if it was an undisputed fact which ‘everybody knows‘ to be true, that an “Israeli soldier shot [Abu Thuraya] in the head and killed him”. 

Though most media reports also…

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The Children’s Crusade (Lawsuit) Against Climate Change

Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Dale Leuck

A so-far not-widely-noticed lawsuit was filed in the liberal United States District Court, Eugene Oregon Division, in September 2015, in response to the failure of the December 2009 Copenhagen Conference on Climate Change to reach any meaningful agreement, and in anticipation that the December 2015 Paris Climate Conference would also not result in a legally-binding agreement. Should the plaintiffs prevail at trial, the consequences for the U.S. economy would be severe.

Should the plaintiffs prevail, United States government offices, agencies, and departments shall be ordered (Par 12) “…to cease their permitting, authorizing, and subsidizing of fossil fuels and, instead, move to swiftly phase out CO2 emissions, as well as take such other action necessary to ensure that atmospheric CO2 is no more concentrated than 350 ppm by 2100, including to develop a national plan to restore Earth’s energy balance, and implement that national…

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