Day: April 3, 2018

Are @JeremyCorbyn Deirdre McCloskey and even John Rawls on the same page on The Great Enrichment?


A word on Steven Bochco, Columbo contributor par excellence


Steven Bochco

April 1 2018 struck a sombre note for Columbo fans with news that Steven Bochco had died at the age of 74 after a long battle with leukemia.

I don’t pretend to be a great student of Steven’s work, although of course I’m familiar with many of his blockbuster hits including LA Law, NYPD Blue, Murder One and the seminal Hill Street Blues.

However, it would be poor form to not reflect on Bochco’s not inconsiderable contribution to Columbo, which commenced in 1971 when he wrote Season 1’s opening episode Murder by the Book at the age of 27.

“Bochco wrote Columbo‘s Season 1 opener Murder by the Book at the age of 27.”

In collaboration with rookie director Steven Spielberg, Bochco created a story that stands the test of time better than almost any other Columbo episode, setting a standard of interaction and confrontation…

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PICTORIAL Guide To Sea-Level Rise Alarmism And Observed Reality


DEPICTIONS of catastrophic sea-level rise have become a useful propaganda tool for useful idiots in the Climate Crisis Industry who invent the most absurd future sea-level rise scenarios and recreate them in photoshopped horror stories that aim to shock you into belief…

THE only place where such catastrophic scenarios exist are in the warped minds of alarmist hysterics who occupy the climate controlled offices of NASA, NOAA, BoM, National Geographic and the New York Times et al. Not even worst case scenario UN IPCC RCP8.5 climate models project such doom.


Dr Judith Curry …

Sea level has been rising for the last ten thousand years, since the last Ice Age…the question is whether sea level rise is accelerating owing to human caused emissions.  It doesn’t look like there is any great acceleration, so far, of sea level rise associated with human warming.  These predictions of…

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Why is Norway’s prison system so successful?

But Japan has a much lower crime rate than Norway. Japanese prisons are terrifying.

Why Evolution Is True

A post from Business Insiderbrings up the recurrent questions of why the U.S. prison system is so dreadful, with its recidivism and large proportion of the population incarcerated; why European prion systems are so much better; and whether the difference has to do with the nature of the population with the nature of the “punishments,” or both.

First, the data:

In Norway, fewer than 4,000 of the country’s 5 million people were behind bars as of August 2014.

That makes Norway’s incarceration rate just 75 per 100,000 people, compared to 707 people for every 100,000 people in the US.

On top of that, when criminals in Norway leave prison, they stay out. It has one of the lowest recidivism rates in the world at 20%. The US has one of the highest: 76.6% of prisoners are re-arrested within five years.

The higher rate of recidivism in the U.S. of…

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Feminist geography at Dartmouth

The ultimate prize in the scientific enterprise is to show an existing belief to be wrong. To refute is to be scientific.

Why Evolution Is True

Dartmouth College, a high-class American school, has on its library page a long section that it calls “a short definition for feminist geography“. It appears to be an entrée to the field as well as a list of resources for people who want to investigate the discipline.  If you read it, you’ll find the usual obscurantist and postmodern descriptions, heavy on jargon and short on comprehensible statements. But the description makes it clear that the purpose of the field is not just to bring feminist perspectives to the study of geography, but to overthrow masculine ones, which apparently include the objectivity of science (my emphases in all statements):

Part of this commitment is to transform the practices and structures of geography itself. To that end feminist geographers have made critical interventions into the conduct of research in geography, introducing feminist epistemologies and methodologies that challenge the masculinist

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BOOM! Federal Judge Dismisses Claim Of “Big-Oil” Conspiracy To Suppress Global Warming Science

Watts Up With That?

In a rare event, sanity prevails in California – Climate skeptics rule, alarmists drool.

A federal judge overseeing a lawsuit dismissed a core section plaintiffs brought in the case — oil companies conspired to cover up global warming science.

San Francisco and Oakland filed suit against five major companies, including Exxon and Chevron, demanding money for damages global warming allegedly caused. A core component of their suit is fossil fuel companies “engaged in a large-scale, sophisticated advertising and public relations campaign” to promote fossil fuels while they “knew” their products would contribute to “dangerous global warming.”

The cities’ suits against oil companies, however, do not show an industry conspiracy to suppress climate science from the public, U.S. District Judge William Alsup said, according to journalists who attended the hearing.

Alsup said plaintiffs “shows nothing of the sort” regarding some sort of conspiracy against science, Conservative journalist Phelim McAleer tweeted.

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