Day: April 7, 2018

Movie: McCollum v. Board of Education

Why Evolution Is True

Heather Hastie called my attention to the existence of a movie, McCollum v. Board of Education, that exists in its entirety on YouTube. This case, which was argued before the Supreme Court in late 1947 and decided in 1948, decided the issue of whether public schools could support religious education by setting aside class time for religious instruction. (This took place in Champaign, Illinois.) In a landmark First Amendment decision, the Court ruled 8-1 that the public schools in this case were entangled with religious instruction—using public facilities and public funds—which was unconstitutional. (You can see the full decision here.) The case had been decided in favor of religious instruction by the local circuit court and then the Illinois Supreme Court, and so was appealed to the top. Vashti McCollum, mother of an eight-year-old student, was the plaintiff; she later served as president of the American Humanist…

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