Day: April 17, 2018

Consumerism, Sex, Advertising, and Human Nature: A Talk With Evolutionary Psychologist Gad Saad

Oops – Loss aversion, the first law of behavioral economics, enters psychology’s reproducibility crisis

George Stigler replies to @rodrikdani on the first theorem of welfare economics

From Stigler, George J. (1993). “Monopoly.” In The Fortune Encyclopedia of Economics, David R. Henderson, ed. New York: Warner Books

Why do you hate Israel? The question which no one can answer.

This was written by Brendan O’Neill at Spiked.  

Why do you hate Israel more than any other nation? Why does Israel anger you more than any other nation does? Why do Israel’s military activities aggravate you and disturb your conscience and provoke you to outbursts of street protesting or Twitter-fury in a way that no other state’s military activities do? These are the questions that hang darkly over today’s so-called progressives. Which eat away at their self-professed moral authority, at their claims to be practitioners of fairness and equality. They are the questions to which no satisfactory answer has ever been given. So they niggle and fester, expertly avoided, or unconvincingly batted away, a black question mark over much of the modern left: why Israel?

LONDON, ENGLAND – JANUARY 10: A demonstrator carries a doll representing a dead infant as protestors gather in Hyde Park on January 10…

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