Day: May 2, 2018

#Cuba was almost as rich as Italy in 1955!



1947 CDU election poster reads “Never Oder-Neisse line – vote CDU”. It took two decades until West Germany recognized the loss of that territory. The people from this region that settled in West Germany were an important voter block.

‘The Guardian View’ on the Gaza protests: one of their worst editorials on Israel ever

BBC Watch

The distortions, falsehoods and smears in an official Guardian editorial published on April 22 are numerous, and in fact begin in the headline:

Contrary to the headline’s claim, the protests were never about Israel’s partial blockade, but about the supposed ‘right of return’ – that is, the non-existent right of millions of Palestinian descendants of refugees from ’48 to “return” to Israel – thus the name of the event: “The Great Return March”.

The editorial opens:

This weekend the United Nations Middle East peace envoy asked: “How does the killing of a child in #Gaza today help #peace? It doesn’t! It fuels anger and breeds more killing.” Nickolay Mladenov was right to be outraged. He tweeted after a Palestinian teenager was shot in the head apparently by Israeli army snipers while peacefully protesting near a border fence. The Israeli government at first dismissed calls for an investigation, only to…

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Clause 11: the Schleswig-Holstein question of the EU Withdrawal Bill

The Constitution Unit Blog


Today, the House of Lords will continue its scrutiny of the EU (Withdrawal) Bill by discussing Clause 11, which provides that the power to amend retained EU law in areas currently devolved to Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast would transfer from Brussels to Westminster, rather than to the relevant devolved body. Jim Gallagher discusses how the UK and Scottish governments are at odds over this issue and offers some potential solutions to a dispute that has now been referred to the UK Supreme Court. 

The current dispute between the Scottish and UK governments is increasingly coming to resemble the Schleswig-Holstein question, in that almost no-one really understands this technical, legal issue, but it has produced some apocalyptic rhetoric. Nicola Sturgeon has said it could ‘demolish’ devolution. Having competing pieces of legislation seeking to preserve EU law after Brexit is said to be a ‘constitutional crisis’. This hyperbole favours alliteration…

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Environmentalists: Clean Energy Just as Bad as Dirty Energy

Green Jihad

A Maine power company has offered to build a power transmission line so the state of Massachusetts can obtain power from a hydroelectric utility company in Quebec, Canada. This being done to stick to the Massachusetts Republican Governor’s carbon footprint reduction campaign.

There is one tiny problem: environmentalists with the Natural Resources Defense Council and the Conservation Law Foundation oppose the project.

Not only do environmentalists oppose fossil fuels, they also end up opposing their own schemes in order to cut back on greenhouse gasses. Environmentalist renewable energy schemes are not only inadequate for our energy needs, but Big Green will also oppose facilities that utilize alternate power sources, like hydroelectricity.

Environmentalists are not only anti-industry and anti-civilization and but are also pushing renewable energy in order for them to profit from them and to eventually destroy energy markets in order to drive industrialized countries into a new…

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An example of confirmation bias in reporting and citations