Day: May 6, 2018

How Al Gore Mislead the World

Green Jihad

When Al Gore released An Inconvenient Truth, the world went into a global warming hysteria. Twelve years later, much of the world has spotted the ruse, but some still proclaim that fossil fuels will doom mankind. Dr. Jay Lehr of the Heartland Institute highlights a specific moment in Gore’s film and dismantles the shockingly false claims.

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Kenneth Clark’s “Civilisation”

Green Jihad

Kenneth Clark (1903-1983) was an distinguished British art historian and museum conservator. His most well-known work is the landmark thirteen episode BBC documentary series Civilisation: A Personal View that was broadcast on the network during 1969. While Clark focuses on his specialty, the visual arts, he also highlights the profound relation between art and religion during most of the historical period covered in the documentary and its companion book.

In light of PBS’s awful, relativistic program Civilizations, Clark’s mini-series is a refreshing alternative made by a man who was passionate about Western art and culture. Fortunately, he was educated prior to the cultural Marxism and self-loathing that has infected the West.

Kenneth Clark refused to apologize for his love of Western Civilization and its obvious superiority to other cultures and neither should we. Let Clark’s work stand as a clarion call for the civilized to stand tall and…

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Why Marxism?

Green Jihad

I have posted this before but thought it appropriate since today is the anniversary of Karl Marx’s birth. A few years ago the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) hosted a unique speech by Clemson University’s BB&T Research Professor C. Bradley Thompson entitled: Why Marxism?. Professor Thompson’s lecture is an examination on why Marxism still lives and appeals to many despite its totalitarian and genocidal history.

As Greenpeace co-founder Dr. Patrick Moore has pointed out, the environmentalist movement received an influx of Communists soon after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Environmentalism is the new communism and the best way to defeat it is to understand its core, Marxism, (which is based on envy and hatred) including its appeal.

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