Dodgey Brothers – Mothers Day Special

Petitioning the Prime Minister for the Irish Republican Cause: Irish Republicanism in Australia during the ‘Troubles’ through the files of ASIO

Managing Migrants and Border Control in Britain and Australia, 1901-1981

As part of our project, we are looking at the surveillance of the Irish communities in Australia and Britain during the twentieth century. Although there has been a significant amount of literature on the monitoring of Irish Republicans in the 1910s-20s in Australia, there has not been much on the era of the ‘Troubles’. This is part of a paper that Evan Smith and Anastasia Dukova are writing on ASIO’s surveillance of Irish Republicans in the 1960s and 1970s that will be presented at the AHA Conference at ANU in July.


The ASIO files are very sporadic on the surveillance of Irish Republicans until 1971, even though the ‘Troubles’ began in 1969. Like other social movements in Australia in the early 1970s, surveillance of Irish Republicans was often an extension of the monitoring of the Communist Party of Australia (CPA) and other left-wing groups, such as the Socialist Youth…

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What can The Young Ones teach us about Thatcherism, part two: ‘Race’ and the Police in the 1980s

New Historical Express

The Young Ones debuted on British television in November 1982, just over a year after the large scale inner-city riots that swept across Britain. The 1981 riots resulted in some of the biggest examples of urban unrest on the British mainland in the post-war period and resulted in millions of pounds in damage and several hundred arrests. The riots were a reaction to the socio-economic policies of the Thatcherite government, but at the same time, were the product of years of police harassment experienced by Britain’s ethnic communities. The riots have been characterised as a rebellion by African-Caribbean and Asian youth to the racism of the authorities, the criminal justice system and the far right that was a day-to-day occurrence for them. But it was not just African-Caribbean and Asian youth involved in the riots, with many scholars pointing out that 60% of those arrested were white. Hatred of the…

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Why is the EU in no hurry for a trade deal?

Flip Chart Fairy Tales

The BBC’s Adam Fleming reported today that the EU’s trade commissioner hasn’t yet started preparing for trade negotiations:

Katya Adler said something similar yesterday:

[T]his is another reason for the rather laid-back atmosphere in Brussels Brexit circles right now – EU insiders think much of the detail and substance governing EU-UK future relations will actually be worked out after the UK leaves the bloc in March next year.

Perhaps the clue to this is in the report by Institute for Government last month on the views of the EU 27:

The Single Market matters more than the UK market to EU27 governments and businesses.

[T]he other member states…

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Hamas is destroying Gaza

Eco-Irony: Power-Starved Australian Households Switch to Scavenged Firewood to Beat Winter’s Chill


Let eco-zealots get control of your country’s power generation system, and rocketing power prices follow as night follows day.

Those countries whose energy policies have been hijacked by renewable energy rent seekers – pumping heavily subsidised, utterly unreliable and completely chaotic wind and solar – have watched their power prices double in a veritable heartbeat. The circus really only got started around 2000 (as an incident of countries signing up to the economic suicide pact aka the Kyoto protocol), but, like a runaway train, the destruction wrought continues to gather momentum.

Part of the problem has been that mainstream journos took their eye off the ball. Sure, there were plenty of hacks who drank the Kool-Aid early – ritually polishing up and regurgitating the propaganda faithfully delivered to them by wind and solar power outfits and/or their lobbyists on a daily basis – a few diehards still do – but…

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The Dodgy Brothers: Floatation Tank

Places No Human Has Visited

Sunset is still solar energy’s greatest challenge

Apu gets robbed

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