Day: May 15, 2018

The Beginning of the End of Recycling?

Green Jihad

Some welcome news from The Wall Street Journal that US recycling programs maybe on the verge of collapse. As it turns out, scrap paper and plastic prices have dropped resulting in municipalities to charge residents more to collect material for recycling since to do so recycliong is no longer profitable and the costs continue to climb.

U.S. recycling programs took off in the 1990s as calls to bury less trash in landfills coincided with China’s demand for materials such as corrugated cardboard to feed its economic boom. Shipping lines eagerly filled containers that had brought manufactured goods to the U.S. with paper, scrap metal and plastic bottles for the return trip to China.

As cities aggressively expanded recycling programs to keep more discarded household items out of landfills, the purity of U.S. scrap deteriorated as more trash infiltrated the recyclables. Discarded food, liquid-soaked paper and other contaminants recently accounted…

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